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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bdelycleon order his slaves to do?

2. What task is assigned to Sosias and Xanthias?

3. Upon his arrival at the think-shop, how is Strepsiades greeted?

4. What does Trygaeus propose to Hermes in exchange for his help?

5. What must Athenians and Trygaeus' servants prepare for when Trygaeus returns?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does Pheidippides change after finishing his training in The Clouds?

2. Who are Demosthenes and Nicias in The Knights and in reality?

3. Why did the gods leave heaven in the Peace?

4. Why does Dicaeopolis risk his life for his anti-war cause?

5. Why is Cleon portrayed as a betraying slave in The Knights?

6. What arguments does Dicaeopolis' use before the crowd while his head is on the chopping block?

7. Why does the gang of Acharnians pursue Amphitheus?

8. Why is Dicaeopolis frustrated after the assembly adjournment?

9. What reversal of fortune does Philocleon experience at the end of The Wasps?

10. Why is Strepsiades beating his son, Pheidippides, in The Clouds?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Assemblywomen with one of the other plays featuring women, such as Lysistrata. Discuss the similarities and differences in theme, tone and other elements of each of the plays.

Essay Topic 2

In Peace, analyze Aristophanes' depiction of the theme of peace versus war. How does Aristophanes feel about war? How does he feel about those who benefit from it, financially or otherwise?

Essay Topic 3

In Wasps, Aristophanes focuses on the politics of the times and introduces a man obsessed with jury service. Discuss the character's passion to serve on juries and Aristophanes' use of humor in depicting him. Provide examples and quotes from the text to support your discussion.

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