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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dicaeopolis do after the meeting with the Spartans?

2. What happens after Dicaeopolis finishes his speech to the crowd?

3. What is the reaction of the one that is supposed to replace Cleon?

4. In the Knights, what do the slaves tell the audience?

5. What god(s) does Trygeaeus find willingly remain in heaven?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Strepsiades expelled shortly after his enrollment at the school in The Clouds?

2. In The Wasps, what does the dog's trial teach us about Philocleon's ballot habit?

3. In Peace, why do you think Trygaeus thought peace was dead?

4. In The Wasps, what argument does Bdelycleon make against the judicial system?

5. In Peace, why do you think the god of war needs a new pestle?

6. In Peace, what prevented peace form coming back according to Trygaeus and Hermes?

7. Why is Cleon portrayed as a betraying slave in The Knights?

8. How is Socrates' school portrayed in The Clouds?

9. What does Demos and the sausage merchant think of the future at the end of The Knights?

10. How does Bdelycleon trick the wasps into a debate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the role of Socrates in The Clouds and discuss why his character in this play proved controversial. Would you consider his depiction of Socrates comedic? Distorted? Make sure you identify Socrates' role as a well-known and intellectual figure in Athens. Give examples of how Aristophanes used comedy or distorted the truth in his depiction of Socrates in Clouds.

Essay Topic 2

Satire is a literary style often used by Aristophanes in his plays, through which he uses humor and criticism to examine the nature of government, society, war and gender roles. In Lysistrata, Aristophanes uses satire to examine several different themes. In a critical essay, examine what themes Aristophanes focuses on and how he uses double entendres to add humor. In your essay, make sure you define both satire and double entendres, as well as use examples from the book to support your discussion.

Essay Topic 3

In Peace, analyze Aristophanes' depiction of the theme of peace versus war. How does Aristophanes feel about war? How does he feel about those who benefit from it, financially or otherwise?

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