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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the attendees react to the proposal made by Lysistrata?
(a) They are enthusiastic.
(b) They leave the meeting.
(c) They balk at the plan, but later accept it.
(d) They are indifferent.

2. In The Assemblywomen, what does Praxagora want to do to remedy the situation in Athens?
(a) Call for the gods to intervene.
(b) Organize a revolution so women can take power.
(c) Convince men they are on the wrong path.
(d) Lodge a complaint with the government.

3. What do the old women do while the meeting is being held?
(a) They take over the oracle.
(b) Take over the house of a general.
(c) Take over the assembly.
(d) They take over the Acropolis.

4. In Thesmophoriazusae, what did Mnesilochus' cousin agree to do in order to rescue his cousin?
(a) To write a tragedy.
(b) To commit suicide.
(c) To not write anything bad about women again.
(d) To do Chores.

5. How is a man supposed to earn the right to sleep with a pretty girl according to Praxagora?
(a) By sleeping only with beautiful women.
(b) By sleeping with an ugly older woman.
(c) By doing chores.
(d) By cooking.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Thesmophoriazusae, how did the women try to uncover the spy during the court proceedings?

2. What are Eulipides and Pisthetaerus doing at the start of The Birds?

3. How does the play Lysistrata end?

4. Who is Dionysus in route to at the beginning of The Frogs?

5. Who tries to burn down the gates after the women take over the building?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the play The Frogs, where are Dionysus and Xanthias going and how are they greeted when they arrived?

2. In The Birds, what happens to Eulipides and Pisthetaerus after they eat the root given by Hoopoe?

3. What is Pisthetaerus' plan for gaining control over earth and heaven?

4. How are the women's meeting organized in Thesmophoriazusae?

5. What plan does Lysistrata hope to put in place with the support of the other women?

6. How is Praxagora's husband reacting to the new rules instating by Praxagora?

7. Why is Dionysus changing clothes so often in the middle of The Frogs?

8. What idea does Pisthetaerus come up with while talking with Hoopoe?

9. What does Lysistrata find some of the women trying to do?

10. How is the life of a young man as a result of the new regime in The Assemblywomen?

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