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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What way does Dionysus choose to use to enter Hades?
(a) He waits for his master.
(b) He swims across.
(c) He goes back home.
(d) Go the long way across the river.

2. Who is getting married at the end of The Birds?
(a) Hera and Pisthetaerus.
(b) Hera and Zeus.
(c) Sovereignty and Pisthetaerus.
(d) Sovereignty and Hoopoe.

3. Who is Dionysus in route to at the beginning of The Frogs?
(a) His half-brother, Heracles.
(b) To see Zeus.
(c) To see Hades.
(d) The oracle.

4. What do Eulipides and Pisthetaerus propose to the one they meet in the woods?
(a) That the birds dance to bring rain.
(b) That the birds unite to take control of the earth.
(c) That the birds fly south to a better climate.
(d) That the monkeys start building houses.

5. In Thesmophoraizusae, who speaks for the prosecution in the case against Euripides?
(a) Micca and a vendor.
(b) Agathon.
(c) Cleisthenes.
(d) Mnesilochus.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Thesmophoriazusae, who conducts Mnesilochus' interrogation during the proceedings?

2. Who is Pisthetaerus going to take control of at the end of The Birds?

3. In Thesmophoriazusae, what does Mnesilochus do to defend himself after being uncovered as a man?

4. In Thesmophoriazusae, what did Mnesilochus' cousin agree to do in order to rescue his cousin?

5. How is the disagreement between Euripides and his opponent settled?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Dionysus changing clothes so often in the middle of The Frogs?

2. What society do women in The Assemblywomen plan on instating after voting to put themselves in charge of Athens?

3. Why are Dionysus and Xanthias visiting Dionysus's half-brother in The Frogs?

4. Who arrived in Athens at the end of Lysistrata and why?

5. Why do the women want to take power in The Assemblywomen and how do they plan on overthrowing the men?

6. Who volunteers to spy on the women on behalf of Euripides in Thesmophoraizusae?

7. How do Pisthetaerus and the birds subdue the gods?

8. What crime does Mnesilochus admit committing as a woman?

9. What plan does Lysistrata hope to put in place with the support of the other women?

10. What are Aeschylus and Euripides representing in The Frogs?

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