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• The setting of the play, Acharnians, is the Pnyx, the Athenian assembly.

• Dicaeopolis, a middle-aged Athenian waits for the assembly to begin.

• The war is ongoing between Sparta and Athens.

• The war results in economic damage for Athens.

• Dicaeopolis has a peace agenda.

• The assembly includes an ambassador of the Persian king, messenger of the king of Persia and a Thracian.

• The assembly closes and Dicaeoplis cannot make his case.
• Dicaeopolis meets Ampitheus, who is convinced he can broker peace and is successful.

• Acharnian farmers and veterans track Amiptheus down for revenge.

• Dicaeopolis takes the charcoal as a hostage and the Acharnian farmers and veterans agree to leave if Dicaeopolis spares it.

• Dicaeopolis must convince people of the justice of his cause or face execution.

• Dicaeopolis go to see Euripides to ask for his beggar's costume.
• During his speech, Dicaeopolis wins over half the people, but the...

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