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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Artie say is his mission in writing about his father?

2. What saves Vladek when he has a heart attack on the sidewalk?

3. What does Artie’s father say his home was like when he returned from the POW camp?

4. How does Vladek characterize the head of his ghetto?

5. What does Artie’s father say Anja was doing during their time in the ghetto?

Short Essay Questions

1. What plan does Ilzecki propose to Vladek, and what is Anja’s response to this proposal?

2. What complaint does Vladek make about Mala at the bank?

3. What does Vladek learn from Kahum Cohn’s example?

4. How do Vladek and his fellow prisoners make their way out of Srodula?

5. How do Vladek and Anja end up staying with Mrs. Motonowa?

6. What does Vladek find when he goes out to reconnoitre Sosonwiec while Anja hides?

7. How did Vladek and Anja end up being deported to Auschwitz?

8. What convinces Vladek and Anja to try to flee to Hungary?

9. What was life like among the Zylberbergs after Vladek returned from the POW camp?

10. Describe Vladek’s first business deal after returning from the POW camp.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Use this book as a meditation on the value of a five-star rating system. Is a five-star system sufficient to a book like this? Would you need to have sub-topics for the rating system, for plot, characterization, language, etc? What other sub-topics would you need? What value or importance gets lost in a five-star scale? Design a scale that would be better for this book.

Essay Topic 2

Vladek and Mala are constantly bickering, unlike Vladek and Anja, in the historical narrative. How does the present-day relationship between Vladek and Mala mirror or revise the larger themes in the historical narrative of Maus?

Essay Topic 3

Write an evaluative review of Maus. What is this book’s place in culture? What are its uses? What are its limitations?

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