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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Vladek’s father try to keep him out of the army?
(a) He tried to get him a student deferment.
(b) He tried to get officers to exempt him.
(c) He was put on a starvation diet for three months.
(d) He got him an officer’s commission.

2. How did Vladek end up in the army after all?
(a) They lowered the requirements so that he was now healthy enough to be inducted.
(b) He refused to go on the starvation diet the second time.
(c) He was deemed healthy in spite of having starved himself down again.
(d) He was drafted.

3. How does Anja’s family mend fences after the arrest she caused due to her work with her friend?
(a) They get involved in the resistance.
(b) They pay the seamstress a good amount of money.
(c) They turn Anja’s friend in to the police.
(d) They pay to send Anja’s friend to America.

4. When did the war begin for Vladek?
(a) July 15, 1938.
(b) September 1, 1939.
(c) April 30, 1938.
(d) May 1, 1940.

5. Who is Lucia Greenberg?
(a) Artie's father’s friend.
(b) Art Spiegelman’s mother.
(c) Artie's father’s first wife.
(d) The first girl Artie's father has a relationship with.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the process of gathering information change Artie’s relationship with his father?

2. Whose story does Artie say, in Chapter 1, he wants to tell?

3. What criticism does Lucia make of Anja?

4. What does Vladek dream will happen at Parshas Truma?

5. What is Anja’s involvement with her friend she "always ran to see" even after she and Vladek were married?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Anja’s family invest in Vladek’s ambitions?

2. What consequences do Anja’s political activities have?

3. What tasks are Vladek and the other prisoners given after the battle?

4. In addition to Vladek being released from the work camp during Parshas Truma, what events take place at Parshas Truma?

5. Describe Vladek’s accommodations at the POW camp.

6. In Chapter 1, how does Artie characterize his relationship with his father?

7. What is life like at the sanitarium for Vladek and Anja?

8. What effect does the birth of Richieu have on Vladek and Anja?

9. What doubts does Vladek have about Artie’s comic book idea?

10. Describe the partition of Poland under the Nazis.

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