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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vladek volunteer for while in the POW camp?
(a) An office job.
(b) An industrial job.
(c) A work detail.
(d) The German Army.

2. What does Vladek do when his eye doctor misdiagnoses him?
(a) He reports the doctor to his superior.
(b) He yells at the doctor.
(c) He does not say anything.
(d) He politely corrects the mistake.

3. What was the outcome for the person who was arrested due to Anja's work for her friend?
(a) Her parents bailed her out.
(b) He was beaten and then released.
(c) She remained in prison for three months but was let go.
(d) She died in prison.

4. Who does Artie’s father say he was often compared to?
(a) Fred Astaire.
(b) Humphrey Bogart.
(c) John Wayne.
(d) Rudolph Valentino.

5. How does Anja’s family mend fences after the arrest she caused due to her work with her friend?
(a) They turn Anja’s friend in to the police.
(b) They get involved in the resistance.
(c) They pay the seamstress a good amount of money.
(d) They pay to send Anja’s friend to America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who visits Vladek before he moves to Anja’s town?

2. Who does Anja’s friend get her in trouble with?

3. How was Vladek’s brother Marcus kept out of the army?

4. What does Vladek do to get back in touch with Anja after she stopped contacting him?

5. How old is Art Spiegelman at the beginning of the memoir?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Vladek’s dream and its meaning.

2. What does Vladek do with Artie’s jacket?

3. What news greets Vladek and Anja when they return from Czechoslovakia to Poland?

4. What problems does Artie's father have with his eyes?

5. What animals are people depicted as, in Maus?

6. What explains Vladek’s decision to marry Anja and not Lucia Greenberg?

7. What is life like at the sanitarium for Vladek and Anja?

8. What happens to Vladek and Anja in 1939?

9. What doubts does Vladek have about Artie’s comic book idea?

10. How does Anja’s family invest in Vladek’s ambitions?

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