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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After their son is born, what do Vladek and Anja hear is going on in Germany?
(a) Reconciliation.
(b) Civil war.
(c) A pogrom.
(d) War.

2. Who is Lucia Greenberg?
(a) Art Spiegelman’s mother.
(b) The first girl Artie's father has a relationship with.
(c) Artie's father’s first wife.
(d) Artie's father’s friend.

3. Where does Artie’s father say he lived during the Great War?
(a) In Poland.
(b) In Russia.
(c) In Germany.
(d) In England.

4. In Chapter 1, why does Vladek stop hearing from Anja?
(a) She got a letter from Lucia.
(b) She wanted to play hard to get.
(c) She had doubts about Vladek’s integrity.
(d) She fell ill.

5. Where does Artie's father live, in the beginning of the memoir?
(a) Berlin, Germany.
(b) Los Angeles, CA.
(c) Rego Park, NY.
(d) Warsaw, Poland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Artie's father doing while he is telling Artie his story?

2. When were Vladek and Anja married?

3. What happened to Vladek and Anja’s first son?

4. How does Artie’s father characterize the situation for the Jews in Germany in 1937?

5. How does Artie describe the relationship between his father and Anja?

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