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This is the town where Anja’s family lives. After being moved from camp to camp, Vladek and Anja return there for a time before they try to make a run for Hungary.


This is the most famous of the Nazi death camps, where prisoners were put to death in gas chambers and ovens. Vladek and Anja end up there after their failed attempt to flee to Hungary.


This is the ghetto where Vladek and Anja and her family are shipped to. Jews are taken from there to the ovens, but Vladek and Anja survive, and Vladek even comes back after the war to collect some jewels he dropped down a chimney.


While living in a ghetto, Vladek built one of these beneath the coal bin, where his family hid. Vladek and Anja also lived in one of these in Sosnowiec.


This is...

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