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Chapter 1

• Art Spiegelman visits his father and tells him he wants to write a book about him and his mother.

• Artie's father, Vladek, tells him the story of how he met Anja, his wife.

• Vladek was a bachelor with many women after him, and a girlfriend for four years named Lucia.

• On a visit to his family, Vladek meets Anja Zylberberg, and they start to correspond and visit.

• Vladek tells Lucia that he is engaged to Anja, and Lucia writes Anja a nasty note about Vladek.

• Vladek says that Lucia is hopeless and she won’t leave him alone. Finally, Anja is convinced and they are married.

Chapter 2

• After they are married, Anja still sees a friend of hers from Warsaw, a fellow who turns out to be a Communist.

• Anja translates messages into German for her friend, but the police catch up with her, and the seamstress...

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