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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack do in the channel when they arrive in Freetown?
(a) Sink the Nancy.
(b) Ship maneuvers.
(c) He comes in very quietly.
(d) Erect a blockade.

2. What does Stephen ask of Mr. Houmouzios?
(a) To get him some laudanum.
(b) To get Stephen some cocoa leaves.
(c) To contact Sir Blaine.
(d) To get him an interview with the local tribal chiefs.

3. What does Stephen ask his Kroomen guide?
(a) About their medical shamens.
(b) About some medicines.
(c) About the local flora and fauna.
(d) About the crocodiles.

4. Where is Diana?
(a) Back at Maturin's estate in England.
(b) In London.
(c) In Wales.
(d) Nearby.

5. What has Aubrey worried?
(a) The wind has turned.
(b) The Ringle's main mast is broken.
(c) Captain Thomas has hung someone unjustly.
(d) Two of the fleet's ships are seriously damaged.

6. Why does Stephen not go ashore in Freetown with Square?
(a) The mosquitoes are too bad.
(b) There is too much illness ashore.
(c) Square cannot take him into the interior yet.
(d) Aubrey tells Stephen they are leaving Freetown.

7. On whose ship is Whewell?
(a) Captain Thomas.
(b) Captain Howards.
(c) Aubrey's.
(d) Captain Jones.

8. How will the fleet get to the North Atlantic quickly?
(a) Catching the trades.
(b) Traveling the great circle.
(c) Cutting through Gibraltar.
(d) Rounding Cape Horn.

9. Who is Whewell?
(a) Aubrey's steward.
(b) An Irishman who knows the coast where the French will supposedly land.
(c) A captain's mate who knows a great deal about the slave trade.
(d) A Scot who understands the slave routes.

10. What is said of the citizens of the village where the French were headed?
(a) They hate the French.
(b) Many were inclined to hlep the French.
(c) Nothing is said of them.
(d) They attacked the one French company that came ashore.

11. How does Aubrey hope to engage the French fleet?
(a) In open seas.
(b) Downwind.
(c) Upwind.
(d) Near some dangerous shoals.

12. With what does Stephen return from his excusion on the Sinon?
(a) Numerous samples.
(b) A Roman artifact.
(c) An elderly man who knows the area.
(d) Two young girls.

13. What does Ringle spot?
(a) An American ship of the line.
(b) A French frigate.
(c) A Dutch ship of the line.
(d) A Dutch Slaver.

14. Why are Jack's men thrilled about Aurora's work?
(a) There is a bounty on freed slaves.
(b) They believe in the immorality of slavery.
(c) They think they will now be able to leave Freetown.
(d) That they did not have to go out.

15. What does Sophie do in a rage when she and Jack fight?
(a) Attempts suicide.
(b) Throws her wedding ring out the window.
(c) Seeks comfort from Parson Hinksey.
(d) Slaps Jack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sophie suspect incorrectly about Clarissa?

2. From what does Maturin say Mr. Gray is suffering?

3. What does Maturin hope England will not do?

4. How does the operation on Mr. Gray go?

5. Why doesn't Stephen write down information about his trip as he usually does?

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