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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Habachtsthal?
(a) The new commander of the Ringle.
(b) Sir Blaine's right-hand man.
(c) A man investigating Coleman and Oakes.
(d) The new commander of the Thames.

2. What does Aubrey do in response to his children's pleas?
(a) Reassures them that their mother is just bringing them a new brother or sister.
(b) Goes inside to try on his uniform.
(c) Swings them all on his horse.
(d) Jumps his horse over a small tree that has fallen over.

3. Why is Aubrey pleased to hear the Laurel will be joining his squadron?
(a) Laurel is a top of the line vessel.
(b) Laurel is outfitted with heavy guns on both port and starboard.
(c) Aubrey taught Laurel's captain gunnery.
(d) Aubrey respects Laurel's captain though he does not know the man.

4. For what does Maturin hire a man named Pratt?
(a) To try to find Diana.
(b) To build a new stall for Brigid's pony.
(c) To confront the man who is harassing Clarissa.
(d) To re-roof the barn.

5. What relation is Diana to Mrs. Williams?
(a) Aunt.
(b) Sister.
(c) Niece.
(d) None.

6. At what game did Dundas once beat Aubrey?
(a) Cards.
(b) Cricket.
(c) Backgammon.
(d) Chess.

7. Where will the French squadron really sail for?
(a) The English Channel.
(b) Dublin.
(c) The coast of Scotland.
(d) Bantry Bay.

8. To where will the French squadron that departs from Lorient be ostensibly bound?
(a) The West Indies.
(b) Gibraltar.
(c) The southeastern coast of Spain.
(d) Malaca.

9. Where is Maturin almost overtaken while riding?
(a) On the edge of the woods of his estate.
(b) Near the gallows.
(c) At the docks.
(d) At the Thames river bridge.

10. About whom does Mrs. Williams say about a man has been making inquiries?
(a) Padeen Coleman.
(b) Clarissa Oakes.
(c) Steven Maturin.
(d) Diana Maturin.

11. Who is Mr. Hinkley?
(a) Maturin's lawyer.
(b) Mrs. Broad's nephew.
(c) Aubrey's overseer.
(d) Emily and Sarah's guardian.

12. What plot has McAnon uncovered?
(a) The French plan to take Dover.
(b) The traitor's plan to bring in French agents.
(c) The French plan to invade Spain.
(d) The French plan to invade Ireland.

13. What ship weighs anchor at Shelmerston?
(a) Nelson.
(b) Ringle.
(c) Surprise.
(d) Bereson.

14. With whom does Mrs. Williams insinuate that Diana is having an affair?
(a) Mr. Moneypenny.
(b) Sir Weston.
(c) Mr. Wilson.
(d) No one.

15. Of what does the bulk of Maturin's assets consist?
(a) Race Horses.
(b) Jewels.
(c) Property.
(d) Gold bullion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Heneage Dundas?

2. Why are general quarters sounded when Aubrey and Dundas are still talking?

3. What does Maturin reflect upon as he stops for a drink at an inn?

4. What commodity does Thunderer lack?

5. Where does Stephen go the next morning?

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