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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephen ask Aubrey?
(a) To borrow Ringle.
(b) To allow Paddy on board.
(c) To not accompany Jack on this assignment.
(d) To bring his daughter on board.

2. What does Maturin hear Padeen Coleman doing with Brigid?
(a) Teaching her Irish.
(b) Playing hide and seek.
(c) Teaching her numbers.
(d) Playing peekaboo.

3. Who arrives to meet with Maturin?
(a) Padeen Coleman.
(b) A gentleman with a limp.
(c) His wife.
(d) A gentleman ostensibly from the Sick and Hurt board.

4. Where does Maturin go after hearing the disturbing news from Blaine?
(a) Ringle.
(b) Surprise.
(c) Aubrey's country estate.
(d) Portsmouth.

5. What does Blaine hint at to Maturin?
(a) That Maturin might be tried as a traitor.
(b) The possibility of Habachtsthal being assassinated.
(c) That Maturin might be promoted.
(d) That his daughter might be in danger.

6. What does Maturin's caller want?
(a) To warn Maturin.
(b) To ask that he meet his wife in London.
(c) To ask about Brigid's schooling.
(d) To give him a message from Sir Blaine.

7. What does Maturin tell Clarissa he will do?
(a) Deal with Mrs. Williams.
(b) Take Brigid to his sister's home.
(c) Take Brigid to her mother in Ireland.
(d) Teach Brigid to ride a pony.

8. Why are Dundas and Aubrey once flogged?
(a) For oversleeping after getting drunk.
(b) For being late to return from shore leave.
(c) Only Dundas was flogged.
(d) For dueling.

9. What is Aubrey's commander's response?
(a) That they have no 20 pounders to spare.
(b) The Thames was just in drydock.
(c) To get Thomas up to par.
(d) They will add four 12 pounders.

10. How does Mrs. Williams feel about her recent conversation with Clarissa?
(a) That Clarissa is too naive.
(b) That Clarissa was being evasive.
(c) That Clarissa was warm and charming.
(d) That Clarissa was cold.

11. Who is Lalla?
(a) Aubrey's cook.
(b) A young girl who is watching Brigid.
(c) Maturin's mare.
(d) Maturin's cook.

12. To where will the French squadron that departs from Lorient be ostensibly bound?
(a) The West Indies.
(b) Gibraltar.
(c) Malaca.
(d) The southeastern coast of Spain.

13. How is the high-place traitor described?
(a) As a man disguised as an elderly gardner.
(b) As a woman who works in a house of ill repute.
(c) As a man who is a master at disguise.
(d) As a man with a limp.

14. Where is Maturin almost overtaken while riding?
(a) Near the gallows.
(b) At the Thames river bridge.
(c) At the docks.
(d) On the edge of the woods of his estate.

15. What is one of the fastest ships in Jack's squadron?
(a) Dreyton.
(b) Ballona.
(c) Ringle.
(d) Surprise.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dundas and Aubrey once do at a water stop when they are young men?

2. Where will the French squadron really sail for?

3. Under what circumstances does Maturin say Ireland is better off under English rule?

4. At what game did Dundas once beat Aubrey?

5. How does Aubrey respond to Maturin's request?

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