The Commodore Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Berenice help Surprise and why does Surprise continue to sail with Berenice?

Berenice comes upon the Ringle and the Surprise, who which is badly damaged by a fight with an American frigate and then bad weather. Berenice assists Surprise in making the necessary repairs for her to gain her home port. On their way home, the two faster ships must in gratitude and courtesy be paced by the clumsy Berenice.

2. Where is Dundas during some bad weather?

During some rather bad weather, Dundas is aboard Surprise reviewing old times with Aubrey, a longtime friend who had served together as young midshipmen.

3. What is one story Dundas and Aubrey discuss?

One story Dundas and Aubrey discuss is when Dundas beats Aubrey at a backgammon game and Aubrey challenges the winner to a duel. The two sneak off during a water stop on an island and fight with swords. When Dundas accidentally cuts Aubrey, the two come to their senses and make apologies; both are flogged for the incident back at the ship.

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