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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a messenger say about Pyramus the next morning?
(a) That it is to be cut from the squadron.
(b) That its name is being changed.
(c) That it sank over night.
(d) That it has to go into dry dock.

2. Who owned a slaver that Whewell once served on board?
(a) Thomas' family.
(b) Sir Blaine.
(c) No one is mentioned like that.
(d) Maturin, though he did not know it was a slaver.

3. For what does Maturin hire a man named Pratt?
(a) To re-roof the barn.
(b) To try to find Diana.
(c) To build a new stall for Brigid's pony.
(d) To confront the man who is harassing Clarissa.

4. What does Maturin hear Padeen Coleman doing with Brigid?
(a) Teaching her numbers.
(b) Teaching her Irish.
(c) Playing hide and seek.
(d) Playing peekaboo.

5. What happens concerning Mr. Gray before the fleet gets underway?
(a) He is reassigned to Sir Blaine.
(b) He is sent home for his recovery.
(c) He is buried at sea.
(d) He is released from active duty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one thing Maturin believes about his condition?

2. What does Sophie do in a rage when she and Jack fight?

3. Of whose death is Maturin informed?

4. What does Maturin believe cocoa leaves medicate?

5. What will Aubrey be allowed to do as a result of his next assignment?

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