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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Sophie speak to Maturin?
(a) Aubrey's attitude towards her.
(b) One of the twins' weight loss.
(c) Her son's eyesight.
(d) Aubery's health.

2. What does Maturin talk about most concerning his time on the Ringle?
(a) Brigid.
(b) Dianne.
(c) The sea birds he saw.
(d) Ringle's performance not being up to par.

3. Where does Stephen go the next morning?
(a) To talk to a man to hire as a body guard for his daughter.
(b) To pull out some of his funds from a bank in London.
(c) To check on his daughter.
(d) To the Ballona.

4. What does Maturin do to try to boost his energy?
(a) Chew cocoa leaves.
(b) Eat a large meal.
(c) Drink tea.
(d) Drink coffee.

5. Why does Stephen not go ashore in Freetown with Square?
(a) The mosquitoes are too bad.
(b) There is too much illness ashore.
(c) Aubrey tells Stephen they are leaving Freetown.
(d) Square cannot take him into the interior yet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owned a slaver that Whewell once served on board?

2. About whom does Mrs. Williams say about a man has been making inquiries?

3. Why does Captain Thomas become defensive?

4. Who does Maturin first visit upon arrival in London?

5. How is Captain Thomas characterized?

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