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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the high-place traitor described?
(a) As a woman who works in a house of ill repute.
(b) As a man disguised as an elderly gardner.
(c) As a man who is a master at disguise.
(d) As a man with a limp.

2. Who is Brigid?
(a) Clarissa's daughter.
(b) Maturin's daughter.
(c) Diana's mother.
(d) Maturin's mother.

3. Why are general quarters sounded when Aubrey and Dundas are still talking?
(a) General quarters are not sounded.
(b) A ship is sighted that does not answer the code properly.
(c) The new midshipman sounds the incorrect bell.
(d) They are conducting a drill.

4. From what is Aubrey recovering?
(a) A fall from his horse.
(b) A sword slash across his chest.
(c) The ague.
(d) A bad cold.

5. What is said about Clarissa Oakes?
(a) Husband is killed in the line of duty.
(b) That she is married to Aubrey's brother.
(c) That Maturin is interested in her romantically.
(d) That she is very ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where would Dundas end up if he returns to England empty handed?

2. What does Dundas ask of Aubrey when he is aboard Surprise?

3. At what game did Dundas once beat Aubrey?

4. What do Dundas and Aubrey once do at a water stop when they are young men?

5. What will Aubrey be allowed to do as a result of his next assignment?

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