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Chapter One.

• Surprise, Ringle and Berenice are headed to their home ports in England; Berenice had helped effect repairs on Surprise.

• Captain Dundas of the Berenice asks Aubrey for a loan of money, which Aubrey consents to based on their past history as midshipmen.

• The two Captains recount stories about their younger days, in particular a time when the two engaged in a duel.

• A sailor reports a sighting of a ship and lantern flashes are exchanged with the other ship not providing the proper codes.

• Aubrey calls for general quarters.

• Maturin wakes to the sound of general quarters and thinks about his wife and daughter, Brigid, who he has never seen.

• The Thunderer's signalman is incompetent and there is to be no battle after all.

• Thunderer has the other captains to breakfast in apology for causing the stir aboard their ships.

• Thunderer has some letters for Surprise's...

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