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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mary react when Colin changes position while standing on the balcony?
(a) She is inexplicably puzzled.
(b) She is reminded that she forgot her hotel room key.
(c) She notices his good looks.
(d) She is frustrated and angered.

2. How did Caroline's back become injured?
(a) Robert broke her back while the two were having sex.
(b) Robert broke her back to punish her for cheating on him.
(c) An incompetent surgeon broke her back.
(d) Caroline fell down the stairs to her apartment.

3. How do Mary and Colin act towards one another as they approach their destination?
(a) They speak softly to each other.
(b) They begin kissing.
(c) They do not look at one another.
(d) They hold hands.

4. What is the only piece of furniture left in Robert's gallery?
(a) The portraits
(b) The dining table
(c) The sideboard
(d) The dining chairs

5. Which of the following is NOT an activity that Mary and Colin engage in in this chapter?
(a) Spending many hours in bed
(b) Spending the day at the beach
(c) Having long discussions about their lives
(d) Smoking marijuana on the balcony

6. Why does Mary propose amputating Colin's arms and legs?
(a) To save his life after he contracts a disease.
(b) To punish him for allowing Robert to enter their lives.
(c) To make a cruel and sadistic joke at his expense.
(d) To keep him prisoner so she can have sex with him.

7. Where do Mary and Colin spend several days after returning from Robert's home?
(a) Touring Venice
(b) At the beach
(c) In museums
(d) In their hotel room

8. Why does Robert idolize his father and grandfather?
(a) They believed in clearly defined roles for men and women.
(b) They were financially successful.
(c) They were ladies men.
(d) They were respected diplomats.

9. How do the Italian police seem to categorize Colin's murder?
(a) As fairly common
(b) As gruesome
(c) As extremely uncommon
(d) As deserved

10. What does Caroline say makes her feel more efficient?
(a) Wearing colorful clothing
(b) Having company in her home
(c) Wearing makeup
(d) Wearing white clothing

11. What is notable about the patrons of Robert's bar on this particular night?
(a) They seem angry and hostile.
(b) They are much friendlier than they were previously.
(c) They watch Colin with curiosity.
(d) They react negatively to the song on the jukebox.

12. How does Caroline's face become injured?
(a) Mary hits her in the face.
(b) Colin pushes her away from him.
(c) She tries to come between Robert and Colin as they fight.
(d) Robert hits her in the face.

13. What does Robert do at the beginning of this chapter to mark the change in his relationship with Mary and Colin?
(a) He tells Mary she must leave the apartment.
(b) He steps between them on the stairs placing his hand around Colin's shoulder.
(c) He embraces them warmly as they reach the apartment.
(d) He speaks only to Colin.

14. What causes Robert and Caroline's intimate relationship to become violent?
(a) Caroline asks Robert to hurt her.
(b) Caroline's infidelity
(c) Robert's father insists he beat Caroline during sex.
(d) Robert's frustration at not being able to conceive children.

15. What information causes the Italian police to become less sympathetic towards Mary?
(a) Her previously knowledge of Robert and Caroline
(b) Her feminist beliefs
(c) Her occupation
(d) Her marital status

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caroline find unusual about Mary's place of employment?

2. Which of the following is NOT a topic of discussion between Mary and Colin during this chapter?

3. What does Colin do for a living?

4. How does Robert react when Colin repeatedly asks him questions about the photograph?

5. What does Robert focus on as he gives Colin a tour of his gallery?

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