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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mary propose amputating Colin's arms and legs?
(a) To punish him for allowing Robert to enter their lives.
(b) To save his life after he contracts a disease.
(c) To keep him prisoner so she can have sex with him.
(d) To make a cruel and sadistic joke at his expense.

2. What Italian custom does Robert engage in while walking through the street with Colin?
(a) He offers to show Colin around the city.
(b) He walks behind Colin.
(c) He holds Colin's hand.
(d) He kisses Colin on both cheeks.

3. What condition does Caroline tell Mary she must meet before she will disclose how she hurt her back?
(a) She must agree to let Caroline have sex with Colin.
(b) She must tell Caroline how good the tea is.
(c) She must tell Caroline all about her relationship with Colin.
(d) She must agree to stay for dinner.

4. Why does Mary leave the morgue?
(a) A nurse insists that she leave.
(b) A police official makes her leave.
(c) She must catch her flight to England.
(d) She receives news that Robert and Caroline had been caught.

5. What does Caroline find unusual about Mary's place of employment?
(a) There are few men working there.
(b) Mary makes more money than Colin.
(c) There are only women working there.
(d) It no longer exists.

6. Why is Caroline trapped in her apartment?
(a) Robert locks her in the apartment.
(b) She cannot climb the stairs to return to the apartment if she goes out.
(c) She cannot walk down the stairs to leave the apartment.
(d) She is wheelchair bound.

7. Where does Mary go one morning when she awakens before Colin?
(a) To get him breakfast
(b) Back to England
(c) To the hotel's pontoon cafe
(d) To Robert and Caroline's apartment

8. What does Mary whisper to Colin when he and Robert return to the apartment?
(a) Go
(b) Cold
(c) Robert
(d) His name

9. What does Colin notice has changed in Robert's bar since his earlier visit?
(a) The jukebox is no longer there.
(b) The atmosphere is less smoky.
(c) There is different music playing on the jukebox.
(d) Very little has changed.

10. How does Robert characterize his relationship with Colin to the men they encounter?
(a) As enemies
(b) As brothers
(c) As old friends
(d) As lovers

11. What delights Mary the most about swimming in the ocean?
(a) Its salinity.
(b) Its spaciousness.
(c) Its warmth.
(d) Its depth.

12. Where did Mary work for many years?
(a) In a woman's theatre group
(b) In a men's theatre group
(c) In an art gallery
(d) In the movie industry

13. What has changed about Mary and Colin's relationship in this chapter?
(a) It is much more unstable.
(b) It is much more subdued.
(c) It is much more volatile.
(d) It is much more passionate.

14. Why does Colin suggest he and Mary depart the boat early?
(a) He is hungry and would like to find a restaurant.
(b) He wants to visit Robert's bar.
(c) He thinks it will be quicker to walk to the hotel than ride the boat around the harbor.
(d) He wants to visit Robert and Caroline.

15. What causes Robert and Caroline's intimate relationship to become violent?
(a) Caroline asks Robert to hurt her.
(b) Robert's frustration at not being able to conceive children.
(c) Robert's father insists he beat Caroline during sex.
(d) Caroline's infidelity

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Robert and Caroline planning on traveling to?

2. Who does Robert insist on toasting to during dinner?

3. Who owned Robert's home before he and his wife moved there?

4. What concerns Colin when he walks to the edge of the ocean?

5. What does Colin believe is wrong with Mary when she awakens frightened?

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