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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Colin play "Ha Ha Ha" on the jukebox?
(a) He knows the bar's patrons enjoy it.
(b) It is the only song he recognizes the name of.
(c) He wants to impress Robert.
(d) He enjoyed hearing the song during his last visit.

2. Why does Robert meet with his bar manager after he and Colin enter the bar?
(a) He plans to fire the manager.
(b) He must sign some papers that the manager has.
(c) He wants to ensure the bar manager is performing his duties.
(d) He wants to appear important and professional in front of Colin.

3. Where do Mary and Colin travel to at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) To the beach
(b) To the church across the river from their hotel
(c) To Robert and Caroline's apartment
(d) To London

4. What continually interrupts Mary and Colin's conversation at the beach?
(a) The crash of the waves on the beach
(b) Sounds of noisy teenaged boys
(c) The cries of an unhappy baby
(d) Thoughts of Robert and Caroline

5. What does Colin find unusual about Caroline?
(a) Despite being in pain she seems to be content.
(b) Despite seeming quite meek she has feminist beliefs about marriage.
(c) Despite being trapped in her home she seems quite free.
(d) Despite being in love with Robert she seems to be attracted to Colin.

6. What information causes the Italian police to become less sympathetic towards Mary?
(a) Her previously knowledge of Robert and Caroline
(b) Her feminist beliefs
(c) Her occupation
(d) Her marital status

7. Who does Mary notice as she is drinking hot chocolate in the hotel cafe?
(a) Robert
(b) An elderly couple
(c) Colin
(d) Caroline

8. How does Caroline characterize Mary and Colin as a couple?
(a) As loving
(b) As complete opposites
(c) As a striking pair
(d) As very compatible

9. Which of the following is NOT a topic of discussion between Mary and Colin during this chapter?
(a) The politics of sex
(b) The other tourists staying in the hotel
(c) Their visit to Robert and Caroline's apartment
(d) Their friends

10. Why do Mary and Colin "sicken" when they use the word "relationship"?
(a) They are reminded of their parents' marriages.
(b) They believe it does not adequately describe what exists between them.
(c) They see it as a representation of patriarchy.
(d) They are reminded of Caroline and Robert's marriage.

11. How is the beach setting described as at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) As deserted and lonely
(b) As crowded and oppressive
(c) As crowded and lively
(d) As dirty and polluted

12. Why do Mary and Colin think their newfound passion is especially profound?
(a) They realize they are also aging.
(b) They had long ago abandoned hope of rekindling it.
(c) They found it in a foreign city.
(d) They believe it will last forever.

13. Why is Caroline trapped in her apartment?
(a) She cannot walk down the stairs to leave the apartment.
(b) Robert locks her in the apartment.
(c) She is wheelchair bound.
(d) She cannot climb the stairs to return to the apartment if she goes out.

14. What does Robert use to critically injury Colin?
(a) One of his father's razors
(b) A kitchen knife
(c) One of his father's knives
(d) A gun

15. What does Caroline find "sweet" about Colin?
(a) His friendliness
(b) His interactions with Mary
(c) His appearance
(d) His modesty

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mary leave the morgue?

2. What is notable about the patrons of Robert's bar on this particular night?

3. Why does Caroline suddenly become still as soon as she begins laughing?

4. How does Robert characterize his relationship with Colin to the men they encounter?

5. How did Caroline's back become injured?

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