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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Mary from saving Colin's life?
(a) Mary believes Colin would have wanted to die this way.
(b) Caroline has tied Mary to a chair.
(c) Robert restrains Mary.
(d) The drug that Caroline put in Mary's tea makes her fall asleep.

2. What is notable about the patrons of Robert's bar on this particular night?
(a) They seem angry and hostile.
(b) They watch Colin with curiosity.
(c) They are much friendlier than they were previously.
(d) They react negatively to the song on the jukebox.

3. What does Mary intend to tell Colin, but does not (as she sits with his body in the morgue)?
(a) Where Robert and Caroline go after the murder
(b) How much she loved him
(c) How and why he was killed
(d) Why she did not save his life

4. Why is Caroline trapped in her apartment?
(a) She cannot walk down the stairs to leave the apartment.
(b) She is wheelchair bound.
(c) She cannot climb the stairs to return to the apartment if she goes out.
(d) Robert locks her in the apartment.

5. According to Robert, which of the following is NOT a reason for society's problems?
(a) Men doubt themselves.
(b) Women love peaceful, gentle men.
(c) Women treat men like children.
(d) There are no clearly defined roles for men and women.

6. What does Robert do at the beginning of this chapter to mark the change in his relationship with Mary and Colin?
(a) He speaks only to Colin.
(b) He tells Mary she must leave the apartment.
(c) He embraces them warmly as they reach the apartment.
(d) He steps between them on the stairs placing his hand around Colin's shoulder.

7. How does Colin initially react when Mary tells him what has frightened her?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He tries to soothe her.
(c) He is also frightened.
(d) He dismisses it.

8. Who owned Robert's home before he and his wife moved there?
(a) The Italian prime minister
(b) His father
(c) His grandfather
(d) An Englishman

9. What does Colin describe Caroline as?
(a) A martyr
(b) A goddess
(c) A prisoner
(d) A lucky woman

10. What does Robert maintain hold of as he and Colin walk through the gallery?
(a) Colin's hand
(b) Colin's elbow
(c) One of his father's razors
(d) Caroline's hand

11. Where do Mary and Colin go after leaving the boat?
(a) To the beach
(b) To a restaurant
(c) To Robert and Caroline's apartment
(d) To their hotel room

12. What do Mary and Colin whisper to each other as they make love?
(a) Their intentions for the future
(b) Sweet declarations of their love
(c) Bizarre, somewhat violent sexual fantasies
(d) Hateful, cruel criticisms

13. What does Robert tell Colin he looks like when he enters the room after showering and dressing?
(a) A Greek god
(b) A nightmare
(c) His father
(d) An angel

14. Why does Robert meet with his bar manager after he and Colin enter the bar?
(a) He must sign some papers that the manager has.
(b) He wants to ensure the bar manager is performing his duties.
(c) He wants to appear important and professional in front of Colin.
(d) He plans to fire the manager.

15. What does Robert focus on as he gives Colin a tour of his gallery?
(a) Where he and Caroline purchased the items in the gallery
(b) The cost of each item in the gallery
(c) The historical significance of each item in the gallery
(d) The relationship between the men in his family and the items in the gallery

Short Answer Questions

1. What Italian custom does Robert engage in while walking through the street with Colin?

2. How do Mary and Colin act as they ride the water taxi back to their hotel?

3. What is the main topic of conversation while Robert, Caroline, Mary and Colin dine together?

4. Where are Robert and Caroline planning on traveling to?

5. Where do Mary and Colin go initially after leaving the beach?

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