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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caroline characterize Mary and Colin as a couple?
(a) As very compatible
(b) As a striking pair
(c) As loving
(d) As complete opposites

2. Where does Mary go one morning when she awakens before Colin?
(a) To Robert and Caroline's apartment
(b) Back to England
(c) To get him breakfast
(d) To the hotel's pontoon cafe

3. Why does Mary awaken with a shout early one morning?
(a) She remembers a traumatic event.
(b) She realizes what has been bothering her.
(c) She has a horrific nightmare.
(d) She realizes she no longer loves Colin.

4. Which of the following is NOT a "willfully clumsy" detail of Colin's murder (according to the policeman)?
(a) Robert and Caroline booking their own flights.
(b) Robert and Caroline leaving the razor behind.
(c) Robert and Caroline traveling on their own passports.
(d) Robert and Caroline leaving Mary alive as a witness

5. What information causes the Italian police to become less sympathetic towards Mary?
(a) Her marital status
(b) Her previously knowledge of Robert and Caroline
(c) Her feminist beliefs
(d) Her occupation

6. Why do Mary and Colin laugh at the other tourists in the hotel cafe?
(a) Few of the other tourists speak Italian.
(b) They believe they have acclimated to Venice better than the other tourists.
(c) They believe it is more pleasurable to spend their vacation in bed than out sightseeing.
(d) The other tourists need a map to travel in Venice while Mary and Colin know their way around the city.

7. What Italian custom does Robert engage in while walking through the street with Colin?
(a) He walks behind Colin.
(b) He offers to show Colin around the city.
(c) He kisses Colin on both cheeks.
(d) He holds Colin's hand.

8. What do Mary and Colin whisper to each other as they make love?
(a) Bizarre, somewhat violent sexual fantasies
(b) Their intentions for the future
(c) Sweet declarations of their love
(d) Hateful, cruel criticisms

9. Why does Colin play "Ha Ha Ha" on the jukebox?
(a) He enjoyed hearing the song during his last visit.
(b) He knows the bar's patrons enjoy it.
(c) It is the only song he recognizes the name of.
(d) He wants to impress Robert.

10. Why do Mary and Colin "sicken" when they use the word "relationship"?
(a) They are reminded of their parents' marriages.
(b) They believe it does not adequately describe what exists between them.
(c) They are reminded of Caroline and Robert's marriage.
(d) They see it as a representation of patriarchy.

11. How did Caroline's back become injured?
(a) Robert broke her back while the two were having sex.
(b) Caroline fell down the stairs to her apartment.
(c) An incompetent surgeon broke her back.
(d) Robert broke her back to punish her for cheating on him.

12. What concerns Colin when he walks to the edge of the ocean?
(a) He sees Robert in the distance.
(b) He cannot see Mary swimming in the distance.
(c) He and Mary have begun arguing again after several days of renewed passion.
(d) The group of teenagers is encroaching on the spot where he and Mary have placed their towels.

13. Why does Mary repeat the story about the photograph to Colin while they are eating breakfast?
(a) She wants to make sure he understands the gravity of the situation.
(b) She is trying to get him to confront Robert.
(c) She is not sure he listened carefully when she told the story the night before.
(d) She wants to see what his reaction is now that it is daylight.

14. How does Caroline's face become injured?
(a) Robert hits her in the face.
(b) Mary hits her in the face.
(c) Colin pushes her away from him.
(d) She tries to come between Robert and Colin as they fight.

15. Why does Mary think Robert took the secret photograph of Colin?
(a) He thinks Colin has a nice face.
(b) Caroline is in love with Colin.
(c) He is stalking Colin and Mary.
(d) He is secretly in love with Colin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caroline say makes her feel more efficient?

2. How do Mary and Colin act towards one another as they approach their destination?

3. What does Robert use to critically injury Colin?

4. According to Robert, which of the following is NOT a reason for society's problems?

5. What does Colin describe Caroline as?

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