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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the beach setting described as at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) As deserted and lonely
(b) As crowded and lively
(c) As crowded and oppressive
(d) As dirty and polluted

2. Where does Robert take Colin when he and Mary arrive at the apartment?
(a) To the bedroom
(b) To Colin's hotel room
(c) To his bar
(d) To the gallery

3. What does Caroline implore Colin to do when he and Mary prepare to leave her home?
(a) Stay in touch when they return to England
(b) Stay at home overnight
(c) Kiss her goodnight
(d) Come back to visit again

4. How do Mary and Colin act towards one another as they approach their destination?
(a) They speak softly to each other.
(b) They begin kissing.
(c) They hold hands.
(d) They do not look at one another.

5. What do Mary and Colin hear as they depart the boat dock?
(a) The sound of the boat leaving the dock
(b) Robert's voice
(c) The sounds of water birds
(d) Caroline's voice

6. What does Robert say he and Caroline have been doing since they last saw Colin and Mary?
(a) Sulking
(b) Arguing
(c) Packing
(d) Preparing

7. What is the main topic of conversation while Robert, Caroline, Mary and Colin dine together?
(a) Mary and Colin's relationship
(b) Mary's children
(c) Robert's father
(d) Caroline's injury

8. How does Robert characterize his relationship with Colin to the men they encounter?
(a) As brothers
(b) As lovers
(c) As old friends
(d) As enemies

9. How did Caroline's back become injured?
(a) Caroline fell down the stairs to her apartment.
(b) An incompetent surgeon broke her back.
(c) Robert broke her back to punish her for cheating on him.
(d) Robert broke her back while the two were having sex.

10. Why does Mary think Robert took the secret photograph of Colin?
(a) He is secretly in love with Colin.
(b) He is stalking Colin and Mary.
(c) He thinks Colin has a nice face.
(d) Caroline is in love with Colin.

11. What does Colin notice has changed in Robert's bar since his earlier visit?
(a) The atmosphere is less smoky.
(b) Very little has changed.
(c) The jukebox is no longer there.
(d) There is different music playing on the jukebox.

12. How does Robert react when Colin repeatedly asks him questions about the photograph?
(a) He becomes angry and violent.
(b) He repeats his declarations of love for Colin.
(c) He evades the questions.
(d) He patiently answers his questions.

13. How does Mary react when Colin changes position while standing on the balcony?
(a) She notices his good looks.
(b) She is frustrated and angered.
(c) She is inexplicably puzzled.
(d) She is reminded that she forgot her hotel room key.

14. What does Robert maintain hold of as he and Colin walk through the gallery?
(a) Colin's elbow
(b) One of his father's razors
(c) Colin's hand
(d) Caroline's hand

15. How do the Italian police seem to categorize Colin's murder?
(a) As extremely uncommon
(b) As deserved
(c) As fairly common
(d) As gruesome

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT an activity that Mary and Colin engage in in this chapter?

2. Why does Mary awaken with a shout early one morning?

3. What does Robert believe all women want?

4. How do Mary and Colin act as they ride the water taxi back to their hotel?

5. What does Colin describe Caroline as?

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