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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Mary and Colin laugh at the other tourists in the hotel cafe?
(a) Few of the other tourists speak Italian.
(b) They believe they have acclimated to Venice better than the other tourists.
(c) The other tourists need a map to travel in Venice while Mary and Colin know their way around the city.
(d) They believe it is more pleasurable to spend their vacation in bed than out sightseeing.

2. What concerns Colin when he walks to the edge of the ocean?
(a) He and Mary have begun arguing again after several days of renewed passion.
(b) The group of teenagers is encroaching on the spot where he and Mary have placed their towels.
(c) He sees Robert in the distance.
(d) He cannot see Mary swimming in the distance.

3. How is the beach setting described as at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) As deserted and lonely
(b) As dirty and polluted
(c) As crowded and oppressive
(d) As crowded and lively

4. What does Colin describe Caroline as?
(a) A goddess
(b) A martyr
(c) A lucky woman
(d) A prisoner

5. Why does Mary fall asleep in Caroline and Robert's apartment?
(a) She has sunstroke.
(b) Caroline has drugged her.
(c) Robert has drugged her.
(d) She is tired from not sleeping for several days.

6. What is notable about the patrons of Robert's bar on this particular night?
(a) They are much friendlier than they were previously.
(b) They react negatively to the song on the jukebox.
(c) They watch Colin with curiosity.
(d) They seem angry and hostile.

7. How did Caroline's back become injured?
(a) Robert broke her back while the two were having sex.
(b) Robert broke her back to punish her for cheating on him.
(c) An incompetent surgeon broke her back.
(d) Caroline fell down the stairs to her apartment.

8. What does Robert use to critically injury Colin?
(a) A kitchen knife
(b) A gun
(c) One of his father's knives
(d) One of his father's razors

9. What does Robert do to Colin that surprises him?
(a) Kisses him
(b) Punches him in the stomach
(c) Suggests Colin seduce Caroline
(d) Gives him one of his mementos of his father

10. What does Mary intend to tell Colin, but does not (as she sits with his body in the morgue)?
(a) How and why he was killed
(b) Where Robert and Caroline go after the murder
(c) How much she loved him
(d) Why she did not save his life

11. What does Mary discover when Caroline takes her into her bedroom?
(a) The wall is covered with pictures of Colin.
(b) Caroline is sexually attracted to her.
(c) Caroline is lying about her back injury.
(d) The wall is covered with pictures of Mary.

12. Why does Colin quickly swim out to Mary?
(a) He believes she is trying to get away from him.
(b) He wants to apologize to her.
(c) He believes she is drowning.
(d) He wants to make love to her in the ocean.

13. Why does Robert meet with his bar manager after he and Colin enter the bar?
(a) He wants to appear important and professional in front of Colin.
(b) He must sign some papers that the manager has.
(c) He plans to fire the manager.
(d) He wants to ensure the bar manager is performing his duties.

14. What does Mary see as "the most powerful single principle of organization shaping institutions and individual lives"?
(a) Patriarchy
(b) Sex
(c) Society
(d) Feminism

15. Where do Mary and Colin go after leaving the boat?
(a) To Robert and Caroline's apartment
(b) To a restaurant
(c) To their hotel room
(d) To the beach

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Colin initially react when Mary tells him what has frightened her?

2. Where does Robert take Colin when he and Mary arrive at the apartment?

3. Which of the following is NOT a change that occurs for Mary and Colin during this chapter?

4. What does Robert say he and Caroline have been doing since they last saw Colin and Mary?

5. What has changed about Mary and Colin's relationship in this chapter?

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