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Hot off the Press

The Comfort of Strangers is a shocking and disturbing novel. Have students research the "press" that the novel got when it was first released. Discuss why this reaction occurred.

Author Study

Have students research Ian McEwan. Ask them to create a depiction (in words or pictures) of the author especially the aspects of her life that seem to "fit" with the novel.

Banned Books

The Comfort of Strangers is a controversial book to teach in public schools because of it's sensitive subject matter. Have students research books that have been banned by public schools. Discuss the impact of censorship and the appropriateness or inappropriateness of including a particular book in a school's English curriculum.

Character Collage

Pick a character from The Comfort of Strangers and create a collage representing his/her personality. Use magazines and artwork to create your collage. Be sure to select...

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