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Chapter 1

• The novel begins uneventfully. A couple, Mary and Colin, is vacationing in Venice together.

• The couple, Mary and Colin, has fallen into a depressing routine that barely includes speaking to each other.
• Each evening, they wake from a nap and silently prepare for dinner.

• One evening they have sex after their nap.
• By the time they leave the hotel, all of the restaurants have closed for the night.

• Certain they will find something open, however, they leave the hotel and go out into the night.

Chapter 2

• The two wander out as evening is deepening into night. Colin belatedly realizes that they have forgotten their maps of the city and will be lost without them.

• Colin and Mary discover a department store they had seen before and Italian feminist posters.
• They continue to wander, now with the intent of finding a hot dog vendor they remember passing on...

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