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Short Answer Questions

1. When Jones appears at the hotel in the middle of the night, drenched and drunk, why is he afraid?

2. Who shoots Captain Concasseur and rescues Brown and Jones from capture?

3. What does the priest do with the bodies which the dancers bring to him?

4. When Martha comes to visit Brown at his hotel, what alters their plans to go upstairs?

5. Why did Jones not serve in the army in Burma like he claims?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Smiths change their minds about opening a vegetarian center? How does the Secretary for Social Welfare misunderstand Mr. Smith?

2. Brown feels that the happiest moment he spent with Martha was when they lay outside on the grass, talking. How does this compare to his initial feelings about the relationship? What does this moment portend about the future of their relationship?

3. At the end of Part 2, Chapter 1, Brown comes to a realization about himself. What is this realization? How does it change the reader's understanding of him? How does it fit with his wandering to the casino and then to the Medea, talking with the purser?

4. What is the significance of saying Doctor Philipot's coffin is filled with bricks?

5. When Jones and Brown board the Medea so Jones can ask for asylum, Brown describes the ship's captain like a judge. What is the effect of this appearance? Is this the first time a judge figure has appeared in the book? How does this contrast to Haitian culture?

6. While lying in bed in the Hotel Trianon, Martha notes to brown that their relationship is no longer an adventure. What are the signs of this change? What are their choices for the future?

7. In order to leave the Medea to travel to the British embassy, Jones dresses as a woman. What is the effect of this costume? How does it reflect on Jones?

8. Young Philipot, who visits Brown while he is swimming one early afternoon, is consumed with the idea of owning a Bren gun and fighting Papa Doc's army with it. In his idealism, what other character does he resemble and why?

9. The night before he takes Jones out of Port-au-Prince, Brown wanders through his empty hotel. What does it reveal to the reader about Brown's personality? What is the effect of this scene?

10. From even their first meeting, Brown hesitates to address Jones as "Major Jones." How does this begin to explain Jones's character? How does it prepare the reader for the revelation that Jones has never even seen a man die?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the main female characters in The Comedians, Martha and Mrs. Smith. How are they in many ways completely opposite? How does fidelity in their respective marriages change their characters?

Essay Topic 2

Martha notes that when Brown loves her, she is a woman. When he is angry at her, she is a German. How is this true? Find examples throughout the book of his loving or hurting her. For example, several times in Part One, Chapter Three, he refers to her German heritage. Does he care more about her father's crimes or about hurting her? Does he have any personal connection to the Nazi crimes?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the use of light as a literary device. How many scenes occur in the dusk or dark? How much of Brown's life specifically occurs at these times? What does this say about him? Why might the author choose to place him in the darkness? How does this set the tone of the book?

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