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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Brown, Smith, and the Secretary for Social Welfare arrive at Duvalierville, who is the only person in sight?
(a) The American ambassador, who is interested in the project.
(b) A Tonton Macoute guard.
(c) A man with a sign declaring him to be the justice of the peace.
(d) A beggar missing an arm.

2. Why does Jones want a business partner in the venture he is planning?
(a) To assist him with the planning.
(b) To watch things while he travels.
(c) To manage the financial side while he arranges the business contacts.
(d) To take over when he retires.

3. The day before Brown and Jones leave, why does Captain Concasseur visit Brown at his hotel?
(a) To give him false information, hoping to lure him into a trap.
(b) To intimidate him into not going.
(c) To threaten him if he exceeds his one-day pass.
(d) To tell him that Tonton Macoutes will check him at every roadblock.

4. Why does the Secretary for Social Welfare suggest that Duvalierville is a good place for the Smiths' vegetarian center?
(a) The government has already been preparing the town for tourism.
(b) There is no other land available.
(c) He thinks it would revive the tourism trade.
(d) The land is poor and he doesn't know what else to do with it.

5. When Brown and his ship friend return to the boat, why is the guard at the gangplank not threatening?
(a) They had threatened him with a pistol.
(b) They had bribed him with alcohol.
(c) They had knocked him unconscious.
(d) They had shot and killed him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the captain not want to take Jones aboard?

2. What has Jones never seen before?

3. As Jones presents his business plan, what Biblical story is Brown reminded of?

4. At the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 3, as the Smiths are being driven to the airport, what does Mr. Smith do?

5. As Brown and young Philipot converse near the hotel pool, what does Philipot reveal that he is obsessed with?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jones realizes that Captain Conasseur is curious about his actions, he comes to Brown's hotel in a panic. What does this tell us about Jones's plan to get rich? How prepared is he to deal with the Tonton Macoutes?

2. While lying in bed in the Hotel Trianon, Martha notes to brown that their relationship is no longer an adventure. What are the signs of this change? What are their choices for the future?

3. As the two men wait out the night in the cemetery, Jones tells Brown the truth about his life. Is this a fitting time for his confession? Why would he confess to Brown instead of anyone else?

4. When Brown's car breaks down on the road, he and Jones take refuge in a cemetery until the morning. How does this fit their time in Haiti? How does it portend what is to come?

5. Brown feels that the happiest moment he spent with Martha was when they lay outside on the grass, talking. How does this compare to his initial feelings about the relationship? What does this moment portend about the future of their relationship?

6. Why do Mr. and Mrs. Smith refer several times to their experience in Nashville? Brown wonders this himself, when Mrs. Smith references that incident in order to win an argument with her husband.

7. When just before leaving Haiti, Mr. Smith scatters money in front of the post office, what does he show about himself? Has he changed since he first came to the country?

8. When Jones and Brown board the Medea so Jones can ask for asylum, Brown describes the ship's captain like a judge. What is the effect of this appearance? Is this the first time a judge figure has appeared in the book? How does this contrast to Haitian culture?

9. What is the significance of saying Doctor Philipot's coffin is filled with bricks?

10. The second time Brown visits the casino, the place is drastically changed from the night he met Martha. How is it different? What does this signal about Haiti's economy?

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