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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 3, as the Smiths are being driven to the airport, what does Mr. Smith do?
(a) Gives Joseph a large tip for the service he's provided.
(b) Thanks Brown profusely for being a good host.
(c) Bribes the Tonton Macoute driver to bypass the roadblock.
(d) Scatters money to the beggars at the post office.

2. When Martha comes to visit the afternoon after the Tonton Macoutes come, what do she and Brown do for the first time?
(a) Make love outside.
(b) Quarrel about Angel.
(c) Quarrel about her husband.
(d) Sleep in his bed.

3. For the first time during Chapter 1 of Part 2, Martha mentions her father. Why is he disgraced in Brown's eyes?
(a) He was a blacksmith.
(b) He was a spy.
(c) He was a Tonton Macoute.
(d) He was a Nazi guard.

4. Why is Martha sad to see Jones leave?
(a) She is sleeping with Jones.
(b) She is lonely with her husband and son.
(c) Jones makes them all laugh.
(d) Jones brings an atmosphere of familial comfort.

5. When Brown, Smith, and the Secretary for Social Welfare arrive at Duvalierville, who is the only person in sight?
(a) A Tonton Macoute guard.
(b) The American ambassador, who is interested in the project.
(c) A man with a sign declaring him to be the justice of the peace.
(d) A beggar missing an arm.

6. What does the priest do with the bodies which the dancers bring to him?
(a) Chants over them.
(b) Burns tiny pieces of their burial shrouds.
(c) Holds their feet into the fire.
(d) Holds their arms into the fire.

7. How does Brown describe the new Secretary for Social Welfare?
(a) As a flower under the heel of a Tonton Macoute.
(b) As a cemetery with gravestone-like teeth.
(c) As a large bus driven by a child.
(d) As the caricatured devil.

8. As Jones is escaping from Port-au-Prince, why are he and Brown two hours late for their rendezvous?
(a) Brown was in no hurry to get there.
(b) Jones drank too much whisky and fell asleep.
(c) They left Port au Prince late.
(d) The car broke down and they had to walk.

9. How does the captain intimidate the police officer who came onboard the ship?
(a) By defending Jones' right to be on the ship.
(b) By telling him that the ship is Dutch property.
(c) By demanding to see a search warrant.
(d) By threatening to expel him immediately.

10. According to the new Secretary for Social Welfare, why did Doctor Philipot not have a funeral?
(a) His coffin was filled with bricks.
(b) He had requested cremation.
(c) In accordance with Voodoo tradition, there was no burial ceremony.
(d) His widow did not want a funeral.

11. As Brown and Martha lie outside in the grass, what does Brown realize about the character of their relationship?
(a) Neither of them would love enough to die for the beloved.
(b) They belonged to the world of tragedy rather than that of comedy.
(c) He loved her more than ever before.
(d) They were not destined to stay together.

12. When Jones appears at the hotel in the middle of the night, drenched and drunk, why is he afraid?
(a) The police have issued a warrant for his arrest.
(b) The president has begun a search for him.
(c) Several Tontons Macoute have appeared at his house.
(d) Concasseur has begun investigating his business plan.

13. While standing on the porch, what does Mrs. Smith demand from Captain Concasseur?
(a) His police badge.
(b) His car keys.
(c) His revolver.
(d) The phone number of his superior.

14. Jones finally tells Brown how he got the traveling cocktail case. What is the truth?
(a) The captain of his platoon gave it to him.
(b) He won it in a bet in Burma.
(c) He walked out of the store with it.
(d) He used a company check to buy it.

15. As Jones presents his business plan, what Biblical story is Brown reminded of?
(a) The devil showing off the world's kingdoms.
(b) Samson wrestling the lion.
(c) Paul preaching to the crowds in Athens.
(d) David killing the giant with a stone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lying on the ground next to his pool, Brown thinks that he and Martha are more intimate than ever before. Why is this?

2. Though Mr. Smith has turned his back, what happens after he gives money to the beggar?

3. Why does the Secretary for Social Welfare suggest that Duvalierville is a good place for the Smiths' vegetarian center?

4. When Brown visits Jones at his rented villa for the first time, what is on the table?

5. What has Jones never seen before?

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