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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the new Secretary for Social Welfare cast suspicion on Doctor Philipot's death?
(a) He suggests that he was deceitful about the water pipes on Desaix Street.
(b) He suggests that there was just retribution by the authorities.
(c) He suggests that the doctor should not have invested in the shanty-town speculation.
(d) He suggests that the doctor could not pay his gambling debts.

2. According to the new Secretary for Social Welfare, why did Doctor Philipot not have a funeral?
(a) He had requested cremation.
(b) His coffin was filled with bricks.
(c) In accordance with Voodoo tradition, there was no burial ceremony.
(d) His widow did not want a funeral.

3. Why is it safe for Brown to leave the cemetery, but not Jones?
(a) People recognize him in that area.
(b) Being a white man, he blends into the general populace.
(c) His one-day pass is still valid.
(d) He has an alibi with the smashed car.

4. Why do Jones and Brown go back to the Medea?
(a) Brown does not know what else to do with Jones.
(b) Jones wants to travel to the United States.
(c) The ship is the only place they can safely hide.
(d) Jones wants to ask advice from the captain.

5. For the first time during Chapter 1 of Part 2, Martha mentions her father. Why is he disgraced in Brown's eyes?
(a) He was a Nazi guard.
(b) He was a Tonton Macoute.
(c) He was a spy.
(d) He was a blacksmith.

6. Jones finally tells Brown how he got the traveling cocktail case. What is the truth?
(a) He used a company check to buy it.
(b) He walked out of the store with it.
(c) He won it in a bet in Burma.
(d) The captain of his platoon gave it to him.

7. In Chapter 1 of Part 2, when Brown takes Mr. Smith to the post office, what happens?
(a) Mr. Smith is mobbed by five beggars.
(b) They are questioned about their errand by a Tonton Macoute.
(c) Mr. Smith exits by the wrong door and is lost.
(d) Mr. Smith get in an argument with a one-legged man.

8. Why is Martha sad to see Jones leave?
(a) She is lonely with her husband and son.
(b) Jones makes them all laugh.
(c) She is sleeping with Jones.
(d) Jones brings an atmosphere of familial comfort.

9. Though Mr. Smith has turned his back, what happens after he gives money to the beggar?
(a) The Secretary takes it from him.
(b) The beggar buries it in a shallow hole in the sand.
(c) The other man steals it from him.
(d) The beggar throws it back at him.

10. How does Brown act toward the end of the Voodoo ceremony?
(a) He wholeheartedly joins in the dance.
(b) He becomes irritated and drags Joseph away.
(c) He sits in the car and drinks whisky.
(d) He cautiously joins in the dance.

11. As Luigi the Italian is gambling, why he is depressed?
(a) He has no money left for alcohol.
(b) Brown is winning more money than he is.
(c) He is losing large amounts of money.
(d) The casino is losing all its money.

12. What does Jones forget at the hotel when he and Brown flee?
(a) His briefcase.
(b) His cocktail case.
(c) His rain jacket.
(d) His suitcase.

13. When Brown, Smith, and the Secretary for Social Welfare arrive at Duvalierville, who is the only person in sight?
(a) The American ambassador, who is interested in the project.
(b) A man with a sign declaring him to be the justice of the peace.
(c) A Tonton Macoute guard.
(d) A beggar missing an arm.

14. As Brown and young Philipot converse near the hotel pool, what does Philipot reveal that he is obsessed with?
(a) A Bren gun and training.
(b) The chance to avenge his uncle's death.
(c) An important government job.
(d) The opportunity to shoot a Tonton Macoute.

15. At the casino with Luigi, whom does Brown see from the ship?
(a) The man with the tin hat.
(b) Mr. Baxter.
(c) The purser.
(d) The captain.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Brown and Martha lie outside in the grass, what does Brown realize about the character of their relationship?

2. What makes Jones sad about dressing as a woman?

3. Why does the Secretary for Social Welfare suggest that Duvalierville is a good place for the Smiths' vegetarian center?

4. How does Brown describe the new Secretary for Social Welfare?

5. When Mrs. Smith appears on the porch, what is she wearing?

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