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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What revelation does Jones give Brown about his love life?
(a) He has been married four times.
(b) He has only slept with women he's paid.
(c) He has only slept with low-class woman.
(d) He is deeply in love with Martha.

2. Why is Martha sad to see Jones leave?
(a) She is sleeping with Jones.
(b) She is lonely with her husband and son.
(c) Jones makes them all laugh.
(d) Jones brings an atmosphere of familial comfort.

3. At the beginning of Chapter Two, why does Joseph ask Brown to attend a Voodoo ceremony?
(a) He is afraid to go out at night alone.
(b) He needs a ride.
(c) He thinks Brown will be interested.
(d) He wants to show off his native culture to a white man.

4. When Jones appears at the hotel in the middle of the night, drenched and drunk, why is he afraid?
(a) Several Tontons Macoute have appeared at his house.
(b) The police have issued a warrant for his arrest.
(c) Concasseur has begun investigating his business plan.
(d) The president has begun a search for him.

5. Mrs. Smith is proud of the American ballot that shows her husband's name as a presidential candidate. What is Brown's perception of voting in Haiti?
(a) The effort is not worth the outcome.
(b) Every vote is important.
(c) Only votes that agree with the Tonton Macoute will count.
(d) A person is safer staying home.

6. Why does Jones want a business partner in the venture he is planning?
(a) To assist him with the planning.
(b) To manage the financial side while he arranges the business contacts.
(c) To watch things while he travels.
(d) To take over when he retires.

7. As Luigi the Italian is gambling, why he is depressed?
(a) He is losing large amounts of money.
(b) Brown is winning more money than he is.
(c) He has no money left for alcohol.
(d) The casino is losing all its money.

8. When Brown visits Jones at his rented villa for the first time, what is on the table?
(a) Maps of the local area.
(b) Blueprints and trial budgets.
(c) A pack of scattered cards.
(d) Four empty wine bottles.

9. Who shoots Captain Concasseur and rescues Brown and Jones from capture?
(a) Philipot.
(b) The ambassador.
(c) Joseph.
(d) Doctor Magiot.

10. Why does Brown go to the casino after talking with Jones?
(a) He is hoping to see Martha there.
(b) He is desperate for company and has nowhere else to go.
(c) He wants to dull the memory of his conversation with Jones.
(d) The hotel is empty and he wants a familiar place.

11. While listening to Mr. Smith describe the vegetarian center, what does the Secretary for Social Welfare doodle on his paper?
(a) Sketches for the building entrance.
(b) Percentage marks and plus signs.
(c) Concentric circles.
(d) Mr. Smith's face.

12. Lying on the ground next to his pool, Brown thinks that he and Martha are more intimate than ever before. Why is this?
(a) They talk about running away together.
(b) They do not talk.
(c) They make love gently.
(d) They trust each other with words rather than a touch.

13. Why does the captain not want to take Jones aboard?
(a) Brown will not vouch that he is a good man.
(b) Jones has no money to pay for his passage.
(c) Jones does not have an exit-visa.
(d) Jones has unresolved debts in Philadelphia.

14. Jones finally tells Brown how he got the traveling cocktail case. What is the truth?
(a) He walked out of the store with it.
(b) He used a company check to buy it.
(c) He won it in a bet in Burma.
(d) The captain of his platoon gave it to him.

15. At the casino with Luigi, whom does Brown see from the ship?
(a) Mr. Baxter.
(b) The captain.
(c) The purser.
(d) The man with the tin hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the Tonton Macoutes are ransacking the hotel, what is Brown most afraid of?

2. Why do Brown and Jones sleep in the cemetery until daybreak?

3. How does Brown act toward the end of the Voodoo ceremony?

4. As Jones is escaping from Port-au-Prince, why are he and Brown two hours late for their rendezvous?

5. Though Mr. Smith has turned his back, what happens after he gives money to the beggar?

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