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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Brown and Jones sleep in the cemetery until daybreak?
(a) Brown wants to be as far from the road as possible.
(b) Haitians think only zombies are abroad at night, and they won't go there.
(c) The area is heavily populated and there is nowhere else to hide.
(d) There is no other shelter from the rain.

2. In Chapter 1 of Part 2, when Brown takes Mr. Smith to the post office, what happens?
(a) Mr. Smith get in an argument with a one-legged man.
(b) Mr. Smith exits by the wrong door and is lost.
(c) They are questioned about their errand by a Tonton Macoute.
(d) Mr. Smith is mobbed by five beggars.

3. When Brown, Smith, and the Secretary for Social Welfare arrive at Duvalierville, who is the only person in sight?
(a) The American ambassador, who is interested in the project.
(b) A Tonton Macoute guard.
(c) A beggar missing an arm.
(d) A man with a sign declaring him to be the justice of the peace.

4. While listening to Mr. Smith describe the vegetarian center, what does the Secretary for Social Welfare doodle on his paper?
(a) Mr. Smith's face.
(b) Concentric circles.
(c) Sketches for the building entrance.
(d) Percentage marks and plus signs.

5. When Brown and his ship friend return to the boat, why is the guard at the gangplank not threatening?
(a) They had bribed him with alcohol.
(b) They had shot and killed him.
(c) They had threatened him with a pistol.
(d) They had knocked him unconscious.

6. For the first time during Chapter 1 of Part 2, Martha mentions her father. Why is he disgraced in Brown's eyes?
(a) He was a Nazi guard.
(b) He was a blacksmith.
(c) He was a Tonton Macoute.
(d) He was a spy.

7. At the casino with Luigi, whom does Brown see from the ship?
(a) Mr. Baxter.
(b) The captain.
(c) The purser.
(d) The man with the tin hat.

8. Though Mr. Smith has turned his back, what happens after he gives money to the beggar?
(a) The Secretary takes it from him.
(b) The other man steals it from him.
(c) The beggar throws it back at him.
(d) The beggar buries it in a shallow hole in the sand.

9. What makes Jones sad about dressing as a woman?
(a) Not knowing how to manage his skirts.
(b) Shaving off his moustache.
(c) Having to wear lipstick.
(d) Shame at not looking like a man, as usual.

10. How does the new Secretary for Social Welfare cast suspicion on Doctor Philipot's death?
(a) He suggests that the doctor should not have invested in the shanty-town speculation.
(b) He suggests that he was deceitful about the water pipes on Desaix Street.
(c) He suggests that there was just retribution by the authorities.
(d) He suggests that the doctor could not pay his gambling debts.

11. While the Tonton Macoutes are ransacking the hotel, what is Brown most afraid of?
(a) Being imprisoned or tortured.
(b) The complete destruction of his property.
(c) Showing his fear to Captain Concasseur.
(d) Waking the Smiths, who are upstairs.

12. When Martha comes to visit Brown at his hotel, what alters their plans to go upstairs?
(a) Her husband's demand to return home soon.
(b) The Smiths sitting on the porch.
(c) Angel's sudden turn for the worse.
(d) Joseph wandering the hotel because he cannot sleep.

13. Part 3, Chapter 1 opens with a dream that Brown has. What is this dream?
(a) His mother is again lying in her bed, deathly ill.
(b) Martha has locked him in his own house with Angel.
(c) The priest will not give him communion at church.
(d) Joseph comes back with no legs but moves faster than before.

14. Why do Mr. and Mrs. Smith decide not to build the vegetarian center?
(a) It would take too many years to finish.
(b) They are weary of fighting the Haitian way of thinking.
(c) The Minister has no intention of helping them.
(d) There are too many bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

15. To leave the ship, Jones dresses up as a woman. What does he wear?
(a) The dress of a girl from Mere Catherine's house.
(b) A purple dress forgotten by a previous traveler.
(c) The mantilla of a flamenco dancer.
(d) The clothes of a Spanish dancer and a Dutch peasant.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brown act toward the end of the Voodoo ceremony?

2. The day before Brown and Jones leave, why does Captain Concasseur visit Brown at his hotel?

3. When Brown hears footsteps outside his hotel, what weapon does he grab?

4. According to the new Secretary for Social Welfare, why did Doctor Philipot not have a funeral?

5. At the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 3, as the Smiths are being driven to the airport, what does Mr. Smith do?

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