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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rather than participating in the night of entertainment, what does Mr. Fernandez do?
(a) Bursts out laughing.
(b) Becomes seasick.
(c) Fails to appear at all.
(d) Bursts into tears.

2. Why does the captain want Brown to keep an eye on Jones?
(a) Brown does not mind spying on someone.
(b) He thinks Jones is a murderer.
(c) Jones has not fully paid for his passage aboard the ship.
(d) He thinks Jones is a gambler.

3. What do Brown and Doctor Magiot do with Philipot's body during the night?
(a) Bury it at the edge of the neighbor's property.
(b) Dump it unceremoniously in a ditch.
(c) Prepare it for burial according to local Voodoo custom.
(d) Lay it behind some bushes near an abandoned cottage.

4. After staying at the Hotel Trianon for two days, what is Mrs. Smith's opinion about Joseph?
(a) He oversteps the boundaries of his servant role.
(b) He is not competent for the jobs that needs doing.
(c) He is a man of all trades.
(d) He is a very pleasant man.

5. How did Brown enter a casino at a young age?
(a) By bribing the guard at the front door.
(b) By masquerading as a woman's date.
(c) By sneaking through the back door.
(d) By stealing a passport and bluffing.

6. What happens when Brown and Mr. Smith visit the Secretary of the Interior?
(a) They must take a number and wait in line for two hours.
(b) They are able to see the Secretary immediately.
(c) They are ignored for nearly an hour.
(d) The Secretary pretends to be gone.

7. Before the bail is posted for Jones's release, what does Brown ask the Secretary of the Interior to do?
(a) Send a competent doctor to fix his wounds.
(b) Sign a waiver of confidentiality.
(c) Destroy all paperwork relating to his arrest.
(d) Convert his American dollars to Haitian gourdes.

8. Jones reveals his opinion about scruples. What is this opinion?
(a) Scruples have little effect on a man.
(b) Scruples are not meant to be followed.
(c) Scruples cost a lot.
(d) Scruples are an excuse.

9. Angel is introduced in Part 1, Chapter 2. Who is he?
(a) Brown's half-brother.
(b) Martha's son.
(c) Joseph's son.
(d) The President's grandson.

10. What is the news of Hamit (who had rented a room to Brown and Martha in the past)?
(a) His body has been found in the forest.
(b) He has disappeared.
(c) He has been captured by the Tontons Macoute.
(d) His wife reported him missing.

11. Before Brown and Smith leave the jail, what does Jones want them to do?
(a) Say a prayer with him.
(b) Give $20 and a note to the sergeant at the door.
(c) Arrange for better food to be brought to him.
(d) Promise to smuggle a knife in so he can escape.

12. Why do Brown and Jones meet under embarrassing circumstances?
(a) The steward has given them the wrong cabins.
(b) They are wearing the same shirt.
(c) Jones has taken some letter-writing paper without asking.
(d) Jones is bribing the steward to switch their cabins.

13. After the war, how did Brown feed himself?
(a) By working in the Political Intelligence Department.
(b) By copying famous painters and selling the pieces at high prices.
(c) By taking a job he is not proud of and does not describe.
(d) By buying a hotel and becoming a businessman.

14. During the ship's night of entertainment, what does Mr. Baxter recite?
(a) A song from his childhood.
(b) A poem he wrote himself.
(c) A poem written by an unknown German.
(d) A poem written by a fellow soldier.

15. Why does Brown leave the military base?
(a) The attempt to make a political connection fails.
(b) His mother's brother is dead.
(c) He does not get the job.
(d) He does not get the exit-visa.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Smith carry around for his wife?

2. What is Doctor Magiot's opinion of American aid to Haiti?

3. A Tonton Macoute strikes up a conversation with Brown. Who is this man?

4. Why does Jones hurry Brown and Smith out of his cell?

5. Why, according to Philipot, did Jones die?

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