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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Brown's pass is good only for one day, but this is not a problem. Why?
(a) He won't need to show it to anyone.
(b) No one will care if he is gone later.
(c) Few policemen can read.
(d) He can bribe the Tontons Macoute to let him be gone longer.

2. Where did Brown attend school as a child?
(a) The local public school.
(b) The Jesuit College of the Visitation.
(c) The Schools of the Virgin Mary.
(d) The School of the Immaculate Conception of Christ.

3. Why does Captain Concasseur order the Tonton Macoutes to hit and kick Brown?
(a) Because they are sadistic.
(b) Because the captain wanted to see Brown at his feet.
(c) So that they can say he was resisting arrest.
(d) They intended to beat him like they had beaten Joseph.

4. Why do Brown and the Secretary of the Interior converse briefly in French?
(a) Because their government secrets do not concern anyone else.
(b) Because no one around them understands French.
(c) Because Mr. Smith does not understand French.
(d) In order to express themselves more fully.

5. Why does the captain want Brown to keep an eye on Jones?
(a) He thinks Jones is a murderer.
(b) Jones has not fully paid for his passage aboard the ship.
(c) He thinks Jones is a gambler.
(d) Brown does not mind spying on someone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it said, in Part 1, Chapter 4, that Papa Doc sometimes watches the slow deaths of some of his victims?

2. How did Brown enter a casino at a young age?

3. According to the note Doctor Magiot received, where is young Philipot?

4. When Martha comes to visit the afternoon after the Tonton Macoutes come, what do she and Brown do for the first time?

5. Mrs. Smith is proud of the American ballot that shows her husband's name as a presidential candidate. What is Brown's perception of voting in Haiti?

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