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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Martha's opinion of Jones's relation to her family?
(a) They do not like him.
(b) They will easily forget them.
(c) He merely makes them laugh.
(d) She thinks he is a bad influence on them, especially Angel.

2. Why is Mr. Smith proud to be involved in Jones's release from jail?
(a) He admires Jones.
(b) He is thinking of justice and mankind.
(c) He feels like a law-breaker.
(d) He wants to brag about it to Mrs. Smith.

3. At the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 5, what distractions does Brown experience?
(a) Joseph is arrested at the market; Mr. Smith discovers Doctor Philipot's body.
(b) Jones has escaped from jail; Angel has pneumonia.
(c) Martha is irate; the grocer tries to collect the money he's owed.
(d) Doctor Philipot's body is found; Angel has the mumps.

4. When the countess rang the bell for Marcel to come to her room, what was he wearing?
(a) Pajamas with both their initials monogrammed on the shirt.
(b) Only his underwear.
(c) Black pants and shirt, in preparation for mourning.
(d) A shirt he had found in Brown's luggage.

5. Jones reveals his opinion about scruples. What is this opinion?
(a) Scruples have little effect on a man.
(b) Scruples are not meant to be followed.
(c) Scruples are an excuse.
(d) Scruples cost a lot.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Brown returns to his hotel in Santo Domingo, what does he find on his pillow?

2. Who is Mr. Baxter?

3. When the Smiths first arrive at the Hotel Trianon, what does Mr. Smith think of the body crouched in the pool?

4. When Brown wants to get Jones released from jail, what advice does Petit Pierre give him?

5. Because Mere Catherine has no Coca-Cola, what does she give Brown to drink with his rum?

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