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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Marcel kill himself?
(a) Slit his wrists and throat.
(b) Hung himself in the countess's bedroom.
(c) Drank two bottles of rum and contracted alcohol poisoning.
(d) Jumped out a second-story window into the empty pool.

2. When Brown and Martha are stopped by the soldier at the road-block, why does Brown protest?
(a) Because he doesn't trust the soldier.
(b) Because he is smuggling weapons in.
(c) Because he is tired and wants to get home.
(d) Because Martha belongs to the diplomatic corps.

3. At the beginning of Part 1, Chapter 5, what distractions does Brown experience?
(a) Jones has escaped from jail; Angel has pneumonia.
(b) Joseph is arrested at the market; Mr. Smith discovers Doctor Philipot's body.
(c) Martha is irate; the grocer tries to collect the money he's owed.
(d) Doctor Philipot's body is found; Angel has the mumps.

4. When Brown surveys his desk in his study, what is missing?
(a) A paper-weight that looks like a coffin.
(b) A picture of his mother.
(c) A letter from Martha.
(d) His cashbox and two cigars.

5. As explained in Part 1, Chapter 2, how does Petit Pierre, a journalist, treat every day?
(a) Fearfully.
(b) With humor.
(c) Hopelessly.
(d) With hope.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Two, why does Joseph ask Brown to attend a Voodoo ceremony?

2. When Martha comes to visit the afternoon after the Tonton Macoutes come, what do she and Brown do for the first time?

3. While standing on the porch, what does Mrs. Smith demand from Captain Concasseur?

4. As the hearse is stranded in the road, what does Madame Philipot promise to buy for her son?

5. Why does Joseph limp?

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