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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jones appears at the brothel the same night that Brown talks with the Tonton Macoute. How is he treated?
(a) Like the guest of honor.
(b) Like someone who does not belong.
(c) With scorn, since he has no money.
(d) With contempt.

2. Why do Brown and the Secretary of the Interior converse briefly in French?
(a) Because Mr. Smith does not understand French.
(b) Because no one around them understands French.
(c) Because their government secrets do not concern anyone else.
(d) In order to express themselves more fully.

3. When Brown surveys his desk in his study, what is missing?
(a) A picture of his mother.
(b) A paper-weight that looks like a coffin.
(c) His cashbox and two cigars.
(d) A letter from Martha.

4. How does the new Secretary for Social Welfare cast suspicion on Doctor Philipot's death?
(a) He suggests that there was just retribution by the authorities.
(b) He suggests that the doctor could not pay his gambling debts.
(c) He suggests that he was deceitful about the water pipes on Desaix Street.
(d) He suggests that the doctor should not have invested in the shanty-town speculation.

5. Why does Angel want to meet Brown?
(a) Because Martha egged him on to meet Brown.
(b) Because he is jealous of Brown.
(c) So he is not left out from the circle of his parents' friends.
(d) Because he will ask him for chocolate biscuits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because Mere Catherine has no Coca-Cola, what does she give Brown to drink with his rum?

2. Where did Brown and Martha first meet each other?

3. When Brown unexpectedly sees Philipot and Joseph emerge from the woods, what physical state is Joseph in?

4. When Brown disembarks from the Medea, why is Martha sitting in the place she used to rendezvous with him?

5. As Brown and Martha lie outside in the grass, what does Brown realize about the character of their relationship?

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