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The ship has been bound for this country on its way from two large American cities.

The Medea

This is a cargo-ship that travels to a Caribbean country, which was for the main characters a point of no return.

Hotel Trianon

This building is neither classical nor luxurious and is built in the twentieth century fashion. It has towers, balconies, and wooden fretwork-decorations.

Monte Carlo

The place where Mr. Brown was born.

The Tonton Macoutes

This is the name for the secret police in Haiti.

Santo Domingo

The ship is bound for this city, which is where all the characters reunite at the end of the book.


Mr. Jones was to be dropped in this country behind the Japanese lines for the purpose of making a diversion.

Columbus Statue

This is a rendezvous spot in Port-au-Prince where Mr. Brown and Martha meet.


Voodoo ceremonies marked...

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