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Part 1 Chapter 1

• Brown, the narrator of the story, travels on a ship from New York to Haiti, where his empty hotel, the Hotel Trianon, awaits.
• Onboard the ship, Brown meets the Smiths, who believe strongly in vegetarianism, and Jones, who claims to have been a major in the war.
• The ship's crew and passengers have a talent night to amuse themselves.

Chapter 2

• Once he arrives on land, Brown runs into his mistress, Martha, who is sitting in her car at their old rendezvous spot.
• At the Hotel Trianon, the Secretary for Social Welfare, Doctor Philipot, has committed suicide in the swimming pool.
• Mr. and Mrs. Smith arrive at the hotel to get lodgings, and Brown conceals from them the fact that a man has died in the pool.
• Brown and Martha continue quarreling, but these days the arguments are more about Jones than anyone else.
• Doctor Magiot and...

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