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These form the content of the novel. Each one details events in the lives of Celie and Nettie. They are a way for Celie to both speak to God, and write down her inmost thoughts and feelings.

Needle and Thread

These are used throughout the novel for repairing and mending clothes, and sewing names into clothing. They is later used by Celie to make pants for Shug, leading to the establishment of a clothing company.


These are produced and repaired by Celie for Shug. Ultimately, Celie begins producing these for sale in a clothing company called "Folkspants Unlimited".


Mr. has this, in which he stores various things, including Nettie's letters. Shug helps Celie steal Nettie's letters from it so that Celie can learn more of what happened to Nettie.


The Germany Navy plants these in the water to destroy ships from other countries. It...

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