The Color Purple Character Descriptions

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This character was adopted by a missionary and was raised in Africa. As an act of love and loyalty, this character scarred his face.

Albert / Mr.

This character is an abusive man who buys a wife to satisfy his sexual needs, have someone to care for his children, and to make his lover jealous. As time passes, this character’s horrible temper subsides, and he finds that he can be friends with his then ex-wife.

Alphonso / Pa

This character rapes his two stepdaughters repeatedly and fathers two children with one of them.

Shug Avery

This character is a sultry blues singer who is also a sophisticated and liberated woman. After falling deathly ill, this character befriends her lover’s wife and forms a deep, lifelong relationship with her.

Miss Beasley / Addie Beasley

This character is a schoolteacher who recognizes two poor, black girls’ desire to learn even though...

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