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James McBride (writer)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ruth move to after Delaware?
(a) Virginia
(b) New Jersey
(c) Philadephia
(d) Kentucky

2. Where is Hunter buried?
(a) Mississippi
(b) Kentucky
(c) Colorado
(d) Virginia

3. Where does Ruth's father go to get divorce papers?
(a) New York
(b) Denver
(c) Nevada
(d) Miami

4. Who was Halina hiding from in 1942?
(a) Her parents
(b) The British
(c) The Nazis
(d) The communists

5. What is Ernie Santosuosso's job on the newspaper?
(a) Film critic
(b) Editor
(c) Jazz critic
(d) Sports reporter

6. What is the name of the new man Aunt Mary hires in this chapter?
(a) Junior Browne
(b) Andrew McBride
(c) Jason Horace
(d) Harper Davis

7. What university does Ruth attend?
(a) Princeton
(b) Chicago University
(c) New York University
(d) Temple University

8. What kind of church is the Suffolk High School graduation ceremony held in?
(a) A Catholic church
(b) A Methodist church
(c) A Baptist church
(d) A Protestant church

9. Who needs to dissolve Ruth's parent's marriage?
(a) A priest
(b) A rabbi
(c) Their parents
(d) A lawyer

10. What do people presume all white girls in Harlem are?
(a) Transvestites
(b) Poor
(c) Musicians
(d) Prostitutes

11. Who does James go out for a walk with at the end of the book?
(a) David
(b) Halina
(c) David's wife
(d) Ruth

12. What type of cancer is Ruth diagnosed with in this chapter?
(a) Skin cancer
(b) Nostril cancer
(c) Lung cancer
(d) Bowel cancer

13. What did Ruth's mother used to feed the birds?
(a) Bread crumbs
(b) Fish food
(c) Worms
(d) Chicken meat

14. What does Ruth decide she will never do again in this chapter?
(a) Sing
(b) Preach
(c) Drive
(d) Play the piano

15. Which of Ruth's friends dies in this chapter?
(a) Lauren
(b) Frances
(c) Irene
(d) Doris

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Ruth's mother about her own mother's death?

2. Whose educations and careers does James list in this chapter?

3. What is the name of Halina's son?

4. Why does Ruth not want to be buried in New York?

5. Where does Ruth find a job in this chapter?

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