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James McBride (writer)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sits outside of Ruth's apartment after Hunter dies?
(a) His best suit
(b) His body
(c) His bike
(d) His car

2. Who does Ruth steal money from?
(a) Her brother
(b) Frances
(c) Her father
(d) Her mother

3. Where was James' mother supposed to meet James after kindergarten?
(a) At home
(b) A motel
(c) The bus stop
(d) The subway

4. Who does James interview in his book?
(a) Himself
(b) His brother
(c) His mother
(d) His sister

5. What kind of business does Aunt Mary run?
(a) A computer business
(b) A factory
(c) A loan business
(d) A grocery store

6. What do the muggers take from Ruth?
(a) Her life
(b) Her purse
(c) Her blouse
(d) Her groceries

7. What war does Sam fight in?
(a) World War II
(b) The Vietnam War
(c) The Korean War
(d) World War I

8. What does Aunt Mary's factory make leather trimmings for?
(a) Shoes
(b) Chairs
(c) Hats
(d) Fur coats

9. Where does James find a job in Kentucky?
(a) At a restaurant
(b) At a factory
(c) At a gas station
(d) At a music shop

10. Why is Ruth's family disliked?
(a) They are poor
(b) They are Jewish
(c) They are too serious
(d) They are rude

11. What does Ruth say God is?
(a) A devil
(b) The almighty
(c) A spirit
(d) A fun guy

12. What kind of hat is the boy's father wearing?
(a) A cowboy hat
(b) A bowler hat
(c) A beret
(d) A top hat

13. How did James view his mother as a young boy?
(a) Funny
(b) Strong
(c) Loving
(d) Strange

14. What kind of shops are in Manhattan's Lower East Side?
(a) Jewish shops
(b) Music shops
(c) Gentile shops
(d) Muslim shops

15. Where does Ruth take her children shopping?
(a) Brooklyn
(b) Manhatten's Lower East Side
(c) Greenwich Village
(d) The Bronx

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hunter die of?

2. What group is the boy's father part of?

3. What was Ruth's maiden name?

4. Where does James' mother work?

5. What material is the boy's father's clothes made from?

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