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James McBride (writer)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19 and 20, Promise, Old Man Shilsky.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who taught James to drive?
(a) Daddy
(b) His friends
(c) His grandfather
(d) Ruth

2. Where does Ruth's Aunt Betsy work?
(a) A lingerie store
(b) A factory
(c) A cafe
(d) A bank

3. What does James say he and his siblings are confused by?
(a) Their color
(b) The upperclasses
(c) Who their father is
(d) Their nationality

4. What is Ruth's job at the bank?
(a) A typist
(b) A manager
(c) A clerk
(d) A cleaner

5. How did James view his mother as a young boy?
(a) Strange
(b) Strong
(c) Loving
(d) Funny

Short Answer Questions

1. What neighborhood in New York does James live in?

2. What does Ruth say God is the color of?

3. Who does James say he once robbed as a teenager?

4. Who is the first person Ruth tells about her new job?

5. What color does the boy in Sunday School say Jesus should be?

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