The Color of Water Fun Activities

James McBride (writer)
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500 Words

Condense the book into 500 words.

Comic Strip

Choose a scene from the book and develop it into a comic strip.


Interview a member of your family about their past.

Family Tree

Make your own family tree, trying to go as far back as possible.


Write a family member's biography.


Give all your classmates nicknames that relates to a personal trait. Use that nickname for the rest of the day.


Divide into the generations represented in the book; Ruth's grandparent's generation, Ruth's parent's generation, Ruth's generation and James' generation. In your groups develop a scene that depicts how they lived life in America.

Short Story

Write a short story examining how Talina Wind escaped from the Nazis.

Write a food menu for Ruth and the children that is both cheap and healthy.

Board Game

Develop the book into a board game.

Tourist Brochure

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