The Color of Water Character Descriptions

James McBride (writer)
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Ruth Shilsky McBride Jordan

She moved around a lot as a young child before her family finally settled in Suffolk, Virginia, where her father ran a grocery store.

James McBride

He played in the school band and found solace in music, stealing away for quiet moments with his clarinet at school when he needed to think.

Andrew McBride

He played the violin and composed classical and religious music and moved to New York to pursue that love.

Hunter Jordan, Sr.

He lived separately from his family of a wife and eight children.

Rabbi Fishel Shilsky

He escaped from the Russian army and sneaked over the Polish border where he married his wife in an arranged marriage.

Hudis Shilsky

Polio had left her paralyzed on her left side and in overall poor health.


She and another character went to movies together and spent as much time together as...

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