The Color of Blood Character Descriptions

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Cardinal Stephen Bem

This character is 56 years old, five feet ten inches tall with graying hair. He is physically fit for a man of his age, as he believes it is important to take care of one's physical health for the greater glorification of God.

Prime Minister General Francis Urban

This character is balding with sandy hair and heavy black thick glasses. He is strong and physically fit. He is the son of a wealthy man and comes from a distinguished military family.

Colonel Poulnikov / Waldemar Keller

This character is a known Catholic terrorist, the leader of the Catholic Fighters and the mastermind behind the plot to kidnap a Cardinal.

The woman in the green scarf / Gregor Danekin's Sister

Unidentified until late in the book and never named, this is the character who wore a green scarf while trying to shoot the cardinal Bem in the first chapter...

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