The Color of Blood Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Cardinal Bem is being driven home by Joseph.

• Joseph swerves the car to avoid a gun being pointed at the Cardinal.

• The Cardinal is ejected from the car.

• Joseph dies in the accident.

• Cardinal Bem is helped at the hospital and sent home.

Chapter 2

• Archbishop Krasnoy is planning to give an incendiary address at the Rywald celebrations.

• Father Malik tells the Cardinal that he believes the Security Police are behind the attempt on his life.

• The Cardinal tells the Archbishop that he is not to give that speech.

Chapter 3

• The Security Police insist on taking the Cardinal away.

• The Security Police say they are taking the Cardinal away for his own protection.

Chapter 4

• Cardinal Bem is taken to an agricultural school.

• The Colonel tells the Cardinal he thinks extreme Catholics were behind the attempt on the Cardinal's life.

Chapter 5

• The Colonel arranges a call from the Cardinal...

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