The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Pytor is in love with a girl called Pidorka. One day, he is kissing her when her father arrives home. The father grabs a whip to beat Pytor, but his son Ivas stops him and Pytor gets away.

* Pytor meets the devil who goes by the name Basavriuk. He says he can lead Pytor to the gold he needs in order to marry Pidorka.

* The devil leads Pytor to a witch. The witch tells Pytor he can have gold if he decapitates the small child she has recently captured. When he discovers the child is Ivas he intially refuses, but the lure of the gold is too much. He slays him using a sword.

* Pytor brings the gold to Pidorka's faher and he agrees to let Pytor marry his daughter.

* Though now married to Pidorka, guilt over Ivas's death sends Pytor into madness. He goes...

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