Objects & Places from The Collected Stories of Colette

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Object Descriptions

The Bourgeoisie appears in All the Way in Flagstaff, Arizona - This group is considered to have middle-class values and traditions.

The Music Hall - This is the place where dancers perform.

The Countryside appears in Talk of Heroes - This is the place where people hide out and often vacation.

The Bedroom - This location provides some of the most revealing scenes in the book, especially for non-traditional relationships.

Shops and Boutiques - These locations helps to reveal the stories of everyday people.

The Audience - This is one point of view from which stories are told.

Bella-Vista - This is the location where some animals are killed.

Jewelry - This plays an important role in the stories as a subject of discussion and also symbolizes a person's changed life.

The Kepi - This is a military hat and symbolizes the end of a relationship.


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