The Collected Stories of Colette Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topic 1

Compare youthful characters with older characters and examine their motivations and conflicts, discussing how Colette describes each.

Essay Topic 2

Examine Colette's discussion of immorality, prejudices, and principles in "Early Stories."

Essay Topic 3

Define the term foreshadowing and discuss how Colette uses foreshadowing in her writing.

Essay Topic 4

Choose one character and examine the transformation that the character undergoes.

Essay Topic 5

Choose one of the themes depicted by Colette and follow it through one of the stories.

Essay Topic 6

Analyze Colette's focus on mundane or trivial events and what these minor events or items symbolize.

Essay Topic 7

Examine why French author Sidonie Gabrielle Colette focused on female independence.

Essay Topic 8

Discuss how Colette's personal background influenced Colette's writing and the subjects of her stories.

Essay Topic 9

Examine gender roles in the early 20th century and compare it with the roles of men and women today.

Essay Topic 10

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