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Early Stories

• Early Stories

• In "The Other Table" Colette tells the story of Clouk, a rich man that dates a music hall start named Lulu.

• Lulu leaves Clouk after 4 years and he becomes depressed, going to an opium den to ease his pain.

• Clouk's friends want nothing to do with him.

• Clouk is starting to accept that she is gone and goes to the restaurant with a depressing companion.
• In "Cheri" Cheri has an affair with Lea, an older married woman.

• Cheri reveals to Lea that he is getting married and Lea is upset.

• Cheri is bored with his wife and return to Lea.

• Lea and Cheri go to Tunis, but Cheri finds that he misses his younger wife.
• In "Literature" Colette's goddaughter talk to her about her writing and gives her her opinion on children's books.

• Colette's goddaughter prefers stories without pictures that end happily.

• Colette's goddaughter...

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