The Coldest Winter Ever Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe what Winter is like in the first six chapters of the novel.

In the first six chapters of the novel, Winter is a teenager who first lives in the projects of Brooklyn. She has everything she wants. She acts like the other girls in her neighborhood, but it is clear that her life is not that of a typical girl in the ghetto. After her family moves to Long Island, the dichotomy of her life is more pronounced as she lives is an exclusive suburb, but longs for the mean streets of Brooklyn.

2. What is Winter's father like?

Santiaga, Winter's father, began his drug career as a lookout but was so street smart that he quickly rose to the top and now runs his own operation. He does not bring his "business" home. He transforms himself into a loving, indulgent husband and father when he enters their apartment. Strict security measures are in place for the family. They include double steel doors with multiple locks and restrictions regarding movement around Brooklyn, especially at night.

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