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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-6)


Chapters 1-6

Winter Santiaga is depicted as a typical girl growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, with values that are both shallow and selfish. Her world revolves around her physical appearance and the men she hopes to attract. Like most girls in the projects, she grows up too fast, obviously sexually active by the age of thirteen. This lesson looks at the style of a character-driven novel based on Winter as the defining character.


1) Class Discussion: What is meant by plot when it comes to a novel? What is the difference between a plot-driven novel and a character-driven novel? What are some well known examples of each in both literature and the movies? Take a vote to see what the majority of students prefer and why.

2) Small Groups: Analyze Winter as a character. What seem to be her defining qualities? What are some specific...

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