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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the difference between the flat and round characters in The Coldest Winter Ever. What purpose did Winter serve in the narrative? What purpose did Midnight serve?

Essay Topic 2

What is the nature of Winter's relationship with her mother? What purpose does Mrs. Santiaga's character serve in the novel? What message does Sister Souljah have about mothers and daughters?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss both the narrative tone and structure of this novel and their impact on the reader's experience.

Essay Topic 4

What is the meaning behind the title of the novel?

Essay Topic 5

How do the cultural and historical aspects of the setting impact the narrative? How do they impact the themes of fate and free will?

Essay Topic 6

What is ironic about Winter's attitude in prison? How does the author draw on this irony to illustrate a greater truth?

Essay Topic 7

What qualities does Winter embody...

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