The Coldest Winter Ever Character Descriptions

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Winter Santiaga

This character steals from a Harlem organization trying to help teens.

Ricky Santiaga

This character murders two drug dealers in prison.


This character goes from a pampered life to dying as a crack addict.

Sister Souljah

This character's life is dedicated to improving the conditions of black men and women in the ghetto.


This character was born in Sudan.


This character goes into the business of marketing illegal music tapes.


This character is an adept shoplifter.


This character steals a purse containing cash and diamonds.


This character arrives in style to a mother's funeral.


This character owns a Harlem brownstone.


This character plans an attack on a childhood friend.


This character is a hip hop star.

Dulce Tristamente

This character is the secret mistress of a drug dealer.

Young Heads

These characters are violent drug dealers.

Claudette, Lashay, Rashida

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