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Anatoli Boukreev
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a consultant, what kind of plan did Boukreev outline for the Everest climb in 1997?
(a) A supportive research study plan.
(b) A plan akin to an astronaut training program.
(c) A rigorous training and acclimitization plan.
(d) A lengthy running program.

2. What did the Sherpas from Hall's group do for Fischer, in Chapter 20, The Last Attempt?
(a) Gave him gloves.
(b) Gave him oxygen.
(c) Nothing, they just passed by.
(d) Carried him down the mountain.

3. What odd occurrence disconcerted the Sherpas in Chapter 15, The Last Hundred?
(a) A star in the middle of the day.
(b) An odd cloud formation.
(c) An image in the snow.
(d) A strange whistling sound.

4. After leaving Fischer in Chapter 20, The Last Attempt, how did Boukreev find his way back to Camp IV?
(a) Compass.
(b) Intuition.
(c) Rope.
(d) Flashing lights.

5. What most likely killed Fischer?
(a) HACE.
(b) AHCE.
(c) ALVS.
(d) LACE.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 20, after the Mountain Madness climbers were out of oxygen, who gave them more?

2. How did Beidleman describe the group of people in trouble in Chapter 18, Walk or Crawl?

3. Boukreev encountered Beck Weathers, asking for Rob Hall. How long had he been waiting for Hall?

4. What communication gear was the crew lacking?

5. What did Adams advise Hunt to get from Fischer?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 12, The Countdown, who was Boukreev concerned about?

2. Who were the first Mountain Madness climbers to reach the summit and at what time did they reach it?

3. What happened when the Mountain Madness team reached Camp IV?

4. What were Hall's and Fischer's differing philosophies on climbing?

5. What were Boukreev's thoughts on the article published by Krakauer?

6. Describe the encounter between Boukreev and Yasuko Namba's husband.

7. What was the weather like, in Chapter 16, Decision and Descent?

8. What were the group's actions lost on the South Col?

9. Describe the oxygen the team took on their summit push.

10. What was DeWalt's hope for commercial climbing expeditions?

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