The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest Fun Activities

Anatoli Boukreev
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Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for Everest base camp.

3-D Model

Create a 3-D model of Everest, labeling the climbing route and various camps.

Into Thin Air

Watch the movie "Into Thin Air" and write a response that details the differences between Krakauer's and Boukreev's versions of events.

Science connection

Create a science experiment that simulates what it is like to breathe in the Death Zone on Everest.

History connection

What is the history of climbing Everest? Who was the first to do it? How has climbing of Everest changed since then and since the 1996 tragedy?

Math connection

Convert the various elevations described in the book from meters to feet.


Put together a photo collage of the1996 Everest expedition, using pictures from the Internet.


Research on the Internet what has happened to the survivors of the 1996 Everest tragedy. What are they doing now?

Climbing business startup

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