The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest Character Descriptions

Anatoli Boukreev
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Anatoli Boukreev

This highly trained and experienced Russian high-altitude guide for Mountain Madness was considered aloof and arrogant by some climbers and believed in regimented training and acclimatization to prepare climbers for high altitude.

Scott Fischer

This tall, attractive, and charismatic climbing guide from Seattle was the founder of the commercial adventure company Mountain Madness.

Jon Krakauer

This writer for Outside Magazine wrote about his experience in an article and then in the book, "Into Thin Air."

Rob Hall

This leader of Adventure Consultants, another commercial guide service, led a group of climbers at the same time as Mountain Madness and died during the climb when he became stranded by weather, high on the mountain.

Martin Adams

This individual was the first Mountain Madness climber to reach the summit and make it back to Camp IV.

Neal Beidleman

This Mountain Madness guide reached the summit late in the...

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