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Minfong Ho
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dara staring at when Jantu pulls her away?
(a) A little lost dog.
(b) A little lost girl holding a doll.
(c) A man with no legs.
(d) A baby crying.

2. Who lets big, red stinging ants crawl on his arm?
(a) Granpa Kem.
(b) Chnay.
(c) Sarun.
(d) Baby.

3. What does Sarun start doing after breakfast?
(a) He goes off with another Cambodian boy.
(b) He prayswith his mother to Buddha.
(c) He starts building a shelter.
(d) He explores the camp.

4. What does Jantu make out of wild vines?
(a) A miniature swing for the toy village.
(b) A delicate necklace for Dara.
(c) A green crown for Dara's head.
(d) A delicate bracelet.

5. What does Jantu whittle out of a knobby branch?
(a) A cane for Mother.
(b) A whirling top.
(c) A tamarind tree.
(d) A mango tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many Cambodian men, women and children were killed under the Khmer Rouge dictatorship?

2. In what country had the author of the book grown up?

3. A dirt road linked the refugee camp with what Thai town?

4. How old are most of the children lined up at the food truck?

5. What does Jantu make out of a couple of old tin cans and a stick?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sarun tell his family about Nong Chan?

2. What injury does Baby have and what is done about it?

3. What are the basic rations refugee families receive and what do they do when they first arrive at camp?

4. What is left of Nea's family?

5. What team does Sarun join and why?

6. Give a short account of the the wars Cambodia was involved in before the 1970s?

7. Give a short description of the happier days Dara remembered when she was two or three?

8. What were some of the things that happened to the Cambodian people under the Khmer Rouge?

9. What does Jantu reveal to Dara that was hidden by a palm fronds?

10. Who is hurt during the bombing of the trucks and what is done about it?

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