The Clay Marble: And Related Readings Multiple Choice Test Questions

Minfong Ho
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1. How many years did Cambodia's history date back to in the Preface?
(a) Over 700 years.
(b) Over one thousand years.
(c) Over two thousand years.
(d) Over three thousand years.

2. During the last two hundred years whose colonialism had Cambodia survived?
(a) British colonialism.
(b) Japanese colonialism.
(c) French colonialism.
(d) Chinese colonialism.

3. What marked the beginning of Cambodia's rich history?
(a) .The building of the first Cambodian pagoda.
(b) The festival of the lights.
(c) The festival of the rice harvest.
(d) The building of the Buddhist temple complex of Angkor.

4. What caused open conflict to break out in Cambodia in the 1970s
(a) War with Thailand.
(b) War with Vietnam.
(c) The rich versus the poor people in Cambodia.
(d) The U.S., Soviet Union and China backing political groups.

5. In what year did the Khmer Rouge declare victory in Cambodia?
(a) 1974.
(b) 1971.
(c) 1970.
(d) 1975.

6. What happened in the same year the Khmer Rouge declared victory in Cambodia?
(a) Cambodians rallied under one of their soldiers.
(b) The US entered the Vietnam war.
(c) The Communists "liberated" Vietnam.
(d) South and North Vietnam turned against one another.

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