The Clay Marble: And Related Readings Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Minfong Ho
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• Cambodia's history dates back over a thousand years to the building of the Buddhist temple complex of Angkor.

• Cambodia remains a powerful kingdom for centuries expanding and shrinking in border wars with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

• In the last two centuries it survived French colonialism , WWI and WWII and remained neutral throughout most of the Vietnam War.

• During the 1970's the US, the USSR and China backevarious political groups in Cambodia and open conflict breaks out.
• In 1975 the Communists "liberates" Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge declares victory in Cambodia.

• The Cambodian people suffer greatly under the Khmer Rouge regime. Over a million men, women and children are killed.

• Cambodians are shut off from the rest of the world.

• When the Vietnamese invade, Cambodians are able to flee and the world finds out about the horrors taking place in Cambodia.

• Night after night television programs show the gaunt...

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